False Idols


Content: -1 Discretion advised for older children.
Air Date:03/05/2018

What You Need To Know:

In the episode “False Idols,” Chip learns about God’s warning against false idols. Though he sees his wife’s false idol is Beyoncé, Father Gene and Rabbi Gil reveal to Chip that his false idol is his phone. So, thinking in the moment, Chip smashes his phone and decides to go “old school.” The next day, though, Chip sleeps through his alarm because he doesn’t have his phone any more, and he has to go on a frenzied search around town to get his wife a gift for their “Love-Iversary.”

“False Idols” is another good episode that addresses the sin of putting anything in our life above God. Chip goes to great lengths for his wife, even running around town without GPS to find buildings and missing work by accident. A caution is advised for some foul language.


(CCC, BBB, L) Very Strong Christian and Biblical worldview about putting God first, and putting away false idols, and husband goes to great lengths to surprise his wife and love her; five obscenities and one light profanity; a reference to a woman’s top falling off at an office party; no alcohol use; no drug use; and, nothing else objectionable.


403/05/2018False Idols+1
704/09/2018Let Us Pray+1