Season 1, Episode 2 - The Pig in a Poke


Content: +1 Discernment required for young children.
Number:Season 1, Episode 2
Air Date:04/15/2019

What You Need To Know:

In Episode Two of NO GOOD NICK, Nick phones her real father in jail, who explains that the con against the Thompson family is personal for him. Nick’s father needs $2,000 in jail, so she’s forced to do a con through Liz’s restaurant. Therefore, She manipulates Liz into doing a wine tasting night, and then Nick switches the labels of the expensive wines with cheap wines so she can fence the expensive ones. Will her con work?

The second episode of NO GOOD NICK suffers from bad dialogue, but there is one hilarious scene. Liz and Ed dole out chores to their children and to Nick by having them vote on which chore they want auction style, teaching them real life lessons. Whoever is willing to do the chore for the lowest amount of money gets the chore and the allowance. The siblings Molly and Jeremy collude so that Nick will get all the hard chores. What results is funny, and a great lesson on free market competition and compensation for hard work. There are a few light profanities, so caution is advised.


(BB, CapCap, L, A, M):

Dominant Worldview and Other Worldview Content/Elements:
  Positive themes of hard work, and free market entrepreneurship succeeding over con artist manipulation;

Foul Language:
  No obscenities, three light OMG profanities and a reference to vomiting;

  No violence;

  No sexual content;

  No nudity;

Alcohol Use:
 Light drinking of wine;

Smoking and/or Drug Use and Abuse:
  No smoking or drug use;

Miscellaneous Immorality:
  Young girl does a con at a wine tasting where she switches the labels from expensive wines to cheap wines, but the con doesn’t work out like she wanted, and a husband shows weak leadership with his family.



1.104/15/2019The Catfish+1
1.204/15/2019The Pig in a Poke+1

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