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Release Date: January 01, 1970

Starring: Pascale Bussieres, Rachel Crawford, Henry Czerny, & David Fox

Genre: Drama


Rating: R

Runtime: 96 minutes

Distributor: October Films

Director: Patricia Rozema

Executive Producer:

Producer: Barbara Tranter

Writer: Patricia Rozema

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(AB, NA, HoHo, L, SSS, NNN, NA, M) Anti-Biblical, pagan, lesbian worldview where self & sexual gratification are encouraged; 3 profanities, 3 obscenities & 2 vulgarities; 2 graphic sex scenes involving 2 lesbians & another with a heterosexual couple, sexual situations of two women kissing & caressing each other & making sexual references in front of a reverend; extensive full female & male nudity; dog is resurrected; and, immorality


WHEN NIGHT IS FALLING is a story of two women who meet and are attracted to each other. One works and lives in a circus and the other teaches mythology at a Calvinist college. Artful as this film is, its premise is immoral, its sympathy misaligned and its message blasphemous, deviant and dangerous.


The story of two women in love, Camille and Petra, is the premise for WHEN NIGHT IS FALLING. Caught in this tangled web is Martin, who wants to marry Camille because he loves her and also because he needs her to be his helpmate as he considers the post of chaplain at the Calvinist college where he and Camille are teaching. However, life goes astray as Camille cannot help her growing passions for Petra. Camille is now unresolved in her religious stand on issues of homosexuality...and even of her own faith.

The film is powerful in its visual imageries, using these scenes to show emotional heights of exhilaration and confusion. Aesthetically beautiful as the film is, the film is unfortunately not so sublime in its portrayal of love. The college's reverend takes an almost apologetic stand on homosexuality. Camille's confusion shows her Christian life as repressed and her passions for Petra as a freeing of the self. The final disturbing element is the blasphemous symbolic ending where Camille's dead dog comes alive again. The film also has some very graphic sexual scenes and some full nudity scenes which originally earned this film its NC-17 rating. It was eventually released unrated due to the directors decision. Artful as this film is, its premise is immoral, its sympathy misaligned and its message blasphemous, deviant and dangerous.

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