Nudity, lesbianism and fornication; graphic violence and occultic ritualistic murders; sorcery and witchcraft

More Detail:

Crucified for witchcraft, Morella swears to her husband, Gideon Locke, that she will return and take possession of their daughter Lenora’s body. Now, seventeen years later and blind, Gideon lives on the estate with Lenora, her governess Miss Devereau and a handful of servants. Nearby is the cemetery and Morella’s crypt.

Devereau is in cahoots with Morella, (that is, her remains) who has promised Devereau immortality as a reward for supplying her with “feedings” (blood from graphic slayings) which will resurrect Morella fully in the flesh. In the meantime, Morella’s spirit is able to possess Lenora’s body only periodically. Morella’s last victim is Gideon himself, but before the demonic deed can be accomplished, Gideon sets himself and Morella ablaze.

That such perversities could come to the screen staggers one’s sensibilities. Sexual erotica is mixed with murder. Decomposed corpses engage in fornication. Witchcraft is practiced, spiritism runs rampant, people are slaughtered, nudity of the X-rated type occurs. Do not allow these images to run across your brain. It is an evil movie to the nth degree.

When so much unbounded grace is available from God our Father who raised Jesus from the dead, it is inconceivable that a film maker could stoop to such unfathomable levels of depravity. Pray that the monies which finance these atrocities dry up “in order that man, who is of the earth, may terrify no more” (Psalm 10:18).