Some profanities, several obscenities ("damn" or "hell"), and one instance of brutal violence.

More Detail:

Set in November 1984, in a time before Glasnost and Perestroika, Dr. Jack Ryan, a CIA analyst, has learned from British intelligence about the existence of a new Soviet submarine, the Red October. The only one of its kind, this sophisticated, high-tech nuclear sub can approach any target undetected, as it possesses an ingenious propulsion system which allows it to evade sonar and other conventional radar.

Red October is captained by Marko Ramius, a brilliant Soviet naval officer. Ramius and his executive officer review Soviet government orders to rendezvous with another vessel for military drills in the North Atlantic. However, Ramius kills the officer and substitutes his own orders to head for America’s eastern seaboard.

When officials in Washington, D.C. learn that the Soviet Alpha class submarine has been dispatched to sink Red October, they assume that Ramius is a maniac planning a nuclear attack against the U.S. The Soviet ambassador confirms this and urges the American naval intelligence to join the search to destroy Red October; the nuclear submarine USS Dallas is dispatched.

As Captain Ramius leads the Red October west, an incredible chase begins. Ryan, however, voices his belief that a defection might be planned. Having known Ramius for several years, he believes Ramius is attempting to turn over Red October to the Americans. The Soviets are aware of this as well, which is the real reason they want to destroy the sub. Given three days to prove his theory, Ryan races against the clock to reach Red October before it is too late.

This is a superb movie and a very gripping adventure with a great plot that accurately conveys a wide range of emotions and courage. The technical features are outstanding in every way. As Ramius, Sean Connery could earn an Oscar nomination. Unfortunately, the offensive elements include a half-dozen profanities, several minor obscenities, a few shootings, and one instance of violence where a man’s head is brutally smashed against the floor.