Shine On

Dr. Baehr Speaks to Hundreds of Aspiring

Actors and Models

Movieguide® Publisher Ted Baehr spoke to hundreds of Actors, Models & Talent for Christ at the famous SHINE event Friday and Saturday in Orlando, Fla., on HOW TO SUCCEED IN HOLLYWOOD (WITHOUT LOSING YOUR SOUL), and later on how to keep your faith in the Entertainment Industry.


The audience bought every HOW TO SUCCEED IN HOLLYWOOD (WITHOUT LOSING YOUR SOUL) book and many want to take the 4-day intensive class.

“Equipping these talented actors, models and talent to go into the Entertainment Industry and redeem the mass media of entertainment is extremely important,” Dr. Baehr said. “These are the people whom God has called to redeem the culture. I am grateful to speak at AMTC.”

Robert Baehr said that the response to Dr. Baehr’s lecture was one of the best ever.

Begun in 1982, AMTC’s SHINE event is a biannual talent convention held in Orlando. 2012 marks AMTC’s 30th anniversary. SHINE is a ministry run by three generations of the same family, starting with super-model Millie Lewis.

SHINE is attended by actors, models, singers, dancers, and comedians from all over the world. They are children, teenagers and adults who are called by God to become His role models and ambassadors in the mission field of entertainment.

SHINE is scouted by 50-100 top agents, managers, casting directors, and music professionals. They are kings of Hollywood and Christian casting directors. They seek top talent, and they find it at SHINE. God is promoting His people.

SHINE is an educational event. Over 40 VIP seminars are offered during the six-day convention by industry professionals. Since success in the entertainment industry is about ‘what you know’ and ‘who you know,’ SHINE offers both.

SHINE is a platform for God’s performers to walk in love and excellence – to walk through the right doors: doors that can make a difference, doors that can launch a career, doors that allow His stars to shine for Him.

SHINE is a launching pad. Only God could gather this group of performers and career-makers together in one time and one place. It is a miracle. It is the high way to Hollywood:  fast, smooth, well-lit and safe. Families travel it together.

SHINE performers are prepared for this life-changing convention through “The Bridge” Training Program, the most unique talent preparation curriculum in the world, combining VIP know-how with spiritual preparation.

Before attending SHINE, aspiring performers must audition and be accepted. See AMTCaudition.com.