Nicole Kidman Reveals She Wishes She Had More Children

Nicole Kidman Reveals She Wishes She Had More Children

Award winning actress Nicole Kidman in an interview on the Victoria Derbyshire program spoke on motherhood and her wish that she’d had more children. 

In the interview about her recent movie LION, Derbyshire asked Kidman “What’s really clear from the film [LION], for anybody who didn’t realize it already is that an adoptive mother’s love for a child, and a birth mother’s love for that same child, is the same love.”

Nicole Kidman responded, “And, it makes [me] cry, … and I think when it’s shown in the film with such warmth and openness and compassion…I think that’s a beautiful thing for people to see.”

Kidman has two adopted children from her previous marriage to Tom Cruise, and two biological children with her husband to country singer Keith Urban. When asked by Derbyshire about whether she wishes she had more children, she said she did. “I would’ve liked probably two or three more children,” Kidman stated, “I love, love children. I love raising children.” She continued that she doesn’t have any regrets, “I hate to use the word regret, because I have no regrets. I’m so blessed. But, would I enjoy giving to more young people? Yes.”

You can watch the exchange here.