Multi-Platinum Award Winning Songwriter’s Inspiring Story On How to Endure Cancer

Multi-Platinum Award Winning Songwriter’s Inspiring Story On How to Endure Cancer

By Evy Carroll

Movieguide had the opportunity to speak with songwriter, Donna Douglas Walchle, on her new book KICKIN’ CANCER’S BUTT, AGAIN! Donna was a multi-platinum award winning songwriter who went through cancer multiple times. Even though Donna endured brutal cancer, the book shows that she was an encouraging force, always lifting others up and trusting God.

Cancer is prevalent these days and may have affected you, your family member, your friend, or someone you know. Donna speaks the truths about what happened with her, and no matter what, she stayed positive, knowing God has a plan for her life. In fact, she says:

“Well, even though I was incredibly resistant to the idea of doing a book, if the book ministers to people and helps them, and if I can share with them that the Bible clearly tells us that all things work together for good to those who love the Lord and are called according to his purpose, then a book is necessary. Even behind the scenes, He’s working together for good. If we can just really trust that and put our faith in that fact, then we can reflect Christ and really reach people for Christ even in the trenches. Even when we’re going through things that we don’t get or understand. That’s why I wrote it.”

Donna started out just writing Facebook posts about what was happening with her and describing the cancer, and people were really interested, “from February through July when I got my port out, I literally had thousands of responses from people saying things like, ‘How do you have faith like this?’ ‘How are you not mad at God?’ ‘My mom and my brother died of cancer, and I begged them to tell me how it was going through chemo and they wouldn’t talk about it. Thank you for sharing how it is.’ It was just astounding. It gave me the opportunity really, to share my faith.”

Going one step further, Donna wrote a song about loosing your hair when on chemo, called BALD IS BEAUTIFUL. “It’s just showing these beautiful bald heads, you know, with smiles on their faces. The song is called “Bald is Beautiful.” No reason at all to have done it except to maybe put a little smile on somebody’s face. You know to tell them, ‘You are beautiful. It doesn’t really matter if you lost your hair. You are beautiful. God created you, and you can shine through this. You’re like a fashion model and a trendsetter,’ you know what I mean? The lyrics are just real campy and cute,” says Donna.

One thing that Donna wants readers to know, is that “It’s really not about cancer; it’s about living your life to the max no matter what wall you hit, and not being defined by your adversity. Whether it’s going through a divorce, or your child’s acting like they need an exorcism, or you lost your job, or your house is in foreclosure. Whatever your wall is, you know, you can still live your life. A life full of peace, and joy, and contentment because our joy isn’t tied to circumstances.”

The book shows the trials throughout Donna’s life, and through it all she shows that God is good and on our side.

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