Seven Unbiblical Worldviews Too Many Christians Are Accepting

Seven Unbiblical Worldviews Too Many Christians Are Accepting

By Ben Kayser, Managing Editor

The Barna Group, in association with Summit Ministries, conducted a survey of practicing Christians to determine if Christians are influenced by false worldviews that oppose a biblical worldview. The results are shocking, and worrisome.

Unsurprisingly, the study shows that Millennials and Gen-Xers are in some cases eight times more likely to accept unbiblical worldviews, and that males are more susceptible than females at a 2:1 ratio. Here are seven of the most shocking false beliefs that many Christians hold:

  • 61% of practicing Christians agree with anti-biblical ideas rooted in New Spirituality.
  • 38% of practicing Christians are sympathetic to some Muslim teachings.
  • 28% of practicing Christians strongly agree with the illogical false idea that “all people pray to the same god or spirit.”
  • 23% of practicing Christians strongly agree with the idea that “what is morally right or wrong depends on what an individual believes.”
  • 20% of Christians falsely believe that “meaning and purpose comes from working hard” and earning as much as possible.
  • 14% of practicing Christians strongly agree with the unbiblical notion that “the government, rather than individuals, should control as much of the resources as necessary to ensure that everyone gets their fair share.”
  • 11% of practicing Christians buy into the false Marxist idea that “private property encourages greed and envy.”

According to Brooke Hempell, senior vice president of research at Barna, “This research really crystalizes what Barna has been tracking in our country as an ongoing shift away from Christianity as the basis for a shared worldview. We have observed and reported on increasing pluralism, relativism and moral decline among Americans and even in the Church.

“The challenge with competing worldviews is that there are fragments of similarities to some Christian teachings, and some may recognize and latch onto these ideas, not realizing they are distortions of biblical truths.”

This is one of the key reasons Movieguide® emphasizes discernment in the media that propagate beliefs opposing the Christian worldview. We must train our children and grandchildren to see through the falsehoods our society teaches in institutions like the media, and this can only be done by training them up with both knowledge of the Word of God, and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. One of the best ways to do just that is to read and implement the teachings in our books: THE CULTURE WISE FAMILY and THE MEDIA WISE FAMILY.