JUST MERCY Available to Watch for Free this Month

Photo courtesy of YouTube– JUST MERCY Official Trailer

JUST MERCY Available to Watch for Free this Month

By Allyson Vannatta, Senior Writer

Warner Bros. made JUST MERCY, a movie about the Equal Rights Initiative, free to watch during the month of June to support blackout Tuesday.

The JUST MERCY twitter account announced the news last night, sharing a statement from Warner Bros. that reads:

“We believe in the power of story. Our film Just Mercy, based on the life work of civil rights attorney Bryan Stevenson, is one resource we can humbly offer…For the month of June, Just Mercy will be available to rent for free across digital platforms in the US.”

“To actively be part of the change our country is so desperately seeking, we encourage you to learn more about our past and the countless injustices that have led us to where we are today. Thank you to the artists, storytellers and advocates who helped make this film happen. Watch with your family, friends and allies. For further information on Bryan Stevenson and his work at the Equal Justice Initiative please visit EJI.org.”

This action comes on the heels of the death of George Floyd and the countless protests happening around the world.

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Movieguide®’s review of the movie states:

“JUST MERCY is absorbing and emotionally powerful, successfully tugging at the viewer’s heartstrings. The performances grab and hold the viewer’s attention throughout the movie. JUST MERCY has a strong Christian, moral worldview. There is an ongoing fight for justice and mercy, and a constant appeal to God for guidance and support. However, there’s too much PG-13 rated foul language and some mature elements. MOVIEGUIDE® advises extreme caution for JUST MERCY.”