After the Realization of the Fallacy of Revolution

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After the Realization of the Fallacy of Revolution

By Dr. Ted Baehr, Publisher

Recently, I wrote an article about my pre-Christian revolutionary days when I was a member of the Marxist National Lawyers Guild. At the last moment, after leading the march to burn down the library at the NYU School of Law, I realized we wouldn’t get our law degree if we burned down the library. My coming to Christ after this revelation came years later.

With all of the revolutionary activities today, it’s interesting to see the youth of America following so closely the footsteps of the Sixties Generation.

As I stepped away from the National Lawyers Guild, I was surprised to be chosen as a law student assistant at the famous, prestigious U.S. Attorney’s Office, Southern District of New York. It was even more of a surprise when I got there that almost all of the young law school assistants had been pseudo-revolutionaries at different law schools, and many had been part of the anti-US government Law School Coalition to End the War in Southeast Asia, which I chaired.

Within months, another realization hit me, that all of us were becoming more aware of the difficulties faced by the government and the necessities of the work we were doing at the U.S. Attorney’s Office, which, when compared to being at the big New York private law firms, was understaffed while saddled with important cases like the New York Times Pentagon Papers case.

It was clear that Whitney North Seymour, Jr., who headed the office, had in many ways chosen these pseudo-revolutionaries and brought them back into the fold of appreciating American constitutional history and values. I still wasn’t transformed until seven years later when I was pestered into reading the Bible, and God alone changed my life.

The question is, would Whitney North Seymour, Jr.’s understanding of the need for young idealists to become aware a better cause, which is the story of the radical American experiment in freedom and representative government, work today?