How You Can Learn to Be the Next Joanna Gaines

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How You Can Learn to Be the Next Joanna Gaines

By Movieguide® Staff

Since the first episode of FIXER UPPER debuted in 2013, fans of the renovation duo Chip and Joanna have attempted to replicate their style based on what they see on the show.

However, the couple recently announced that their Magnolia Network would host a 9-part workshop on home renovation, landscaping, and the ins and outs of home decor.

For now, the Gaines’ class will be available to subscribers on Discovery’s streaming service Discovery+ and on July 15 on the Magnolia app.

Fast Company reported:

Each Magnolia workshop is comprised of several “chapters,” with no individual lesson lasting longer than 22 minutes.

Some Magnolia courses will be taught by on-air talent from the new network. A course on “Making a Design Statement,” for example, will be led by former TV set decorator Brian Patrick Flynn, star of Magnolia Network’s “Mind for Design.” And a course on baking cookies, including peanut butter shortbread and chocolate chip, will be taught by pastry chef Zoë François, star of Magnolia Network’s “Zoë Bakes.” (Both shows premiere in July.)

The workshop hosts were hand-selected by Joanna, says Allison Page, global president of Magnolia. ‘With Magnolia Workshops, users will have an opportunity to move beyond their curiosities and into action—at a pace and skill level that works for them—anytime, anywhere.’

Movieguide® previously reported on the Gaines’ partnership with Discovery:

Fans of former HGTV duo Chip and Joanna Gaines were excited to see a reboot of their beloved show FIXER UPPER and the new Magnolia network. However, the pandemic forced the renovation couple to revise, delay, and alter their original plan.

“Basically, COVID hit, and we quickly assessed and realized we were actually okay for Oct. 4, but we probably weren’t okay for Nov. 4, in that we’d shot one or two episodes and either paused [production] or completely stopped down,” Magnolia Network president Allison Page explained. “And so it was getting the scale that we want and need to put forth a holistic experience that ultimately delayed us.”

Due to the success of streaming during COVID-19 related lockdowns, the Magnolia Network will now launch digitally first as part of Discovery+ on July 15.

Magnolia Network will launch as a rebranded DIY channel on television in January 2022, according to Variety.


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