Kevin Hart Blasts Cancel Culture for Prohibiting Personal Growth

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Kevin Hart Blasts Cancel Culture for Prohibiting Personal Growth

By Movieguide® Staff

One by one, celebrities are standing up to rebuke cancel culture.

Recently, comedian Kevin Hart called out cancel culture and shared his thoughts on his personal experience after stepping down as the host of the Oscars in 2019.

The actor apologized after old tweets and stand-up jokes came under fire.

“If people want to pull up stuff, go back to the same tweets of old, go ahead,” Hart told The Sunday Times. “There is nothing I can do. You’re looking at a younger version of myself. A comedian trying to be funny and, at that attempt, failing. Apologies were made. I understand now how it comes off. I look back and cringe. So it’s growth. It’s about growth.”

Although Hart said that people should take responsibility for hurtful or damaging speech, he said that cancel culture is not the solution.

“When did we get to a point where life was supposed to be perfect? Where people were supposed to operate perfectly all the time? I don’t understand,” Hart said, adding that everyone makes mistakes. “I don’t expect perfection from my kids. I don’t expect it from my wife, friends, employees.”

“They’re saying that all life should be over because of a mistake? Your life should end and there should be no opportunity to change? What are you talking about?” he added.

Hart said that good comedians aren’t trying to anger the crowd and that if a joke falls flat, that is punishment enough.

“You’re not saying something to make people angry. That’s not why I’m on stage,” Hart explained. “I’m trying to make you laugh and if I did not make you laugh I failed. That’s my consequence.

“If there’s a message to take from anything I’ve said,” he continued. “It’s that in this world of opinion, it’s OK to just disagree. It’s OK to not like what someone did and to say that person wasn’t for me. We are so caught up in everybody feeling like they have to be right and their way is the only way.”

Hart is known for comedies such as THE SECRET LIFE OF PETS and JUMANJI.

Hart is far from the only celebrity to blast cancel culture’s harsh attitude. Find out other celebrities who rebuked cancel culture here.

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