Jason Momoa Confirmed For Warner Bros’ Live Action Adaptation of Minecraft

Photo by Nina Photolab via Unsplash

Jason Momoa Confirmed For Warner Bros’ Live Action Adaptation of Minecraft

By Movieguide® Staff

Warner Bros. recently confirmed DUNE star Jason Momoa for a role in their upcoming adaptation of the iconic video game Minecraft. 

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the live-action adaptation will also have NAPOLEON DYNAMITE filmmaker Jared Hess as director.  

DUNE producers Mary Parent and Roy Lee will also produce the video game movie. 

The video game, which debuted to the public in 2011, was created by Sweden’s Mojang Studios and purchased by Microsoft in 2014. 

Movieguide® previously listed Minecraft as one of the most Family-Friendly games: 

Minecraft is one of the best-selling video games of all time. The game features a procedurally generated world, meaning every time they start a new game it’s different. There are several different play modes but the core game revolves around gathering resources and building structures. In Survival Mode, players must mine raw materials and chop down trees in order to craft, weapons, armor, and shelter to survive against monsters. In Creative Mode, players have all the resources in the game and are free to creation whatever they want. The graphics are endearing and look like an 8-bit game come to life in a 3-D world.

Minecraft is great for children and families because more than any other game on this list it fosters creativity. The game was originally released in 2011 and people are still finding out new ways to create things in this game. Creative Mode is like having infinite LEGOs with nearly infinite space to build. Survival Mode rewards hard work, dedication and self-reliance. There is an option to play with other people online in some of the versions, but this is in no way mandatory.

Movieguide® has yet to review Minecraft’s big-screen counterpart. 

Moveiguide® recently awarded DUNE with the Best Movie for Mature Audiences Award. Jason Momoa also stared in AQUAMAN and THE LEGO MOVIE 2: THE SECOND PART.