Anne Hathaway Calls Her Sons ‘The Most Sacred Part of My Life’

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Anne Hathaway Calls Her Sons ‘The Most Sacred Part Of My Life’

By Movieguide® Contributor

Actress Anne Hathaway recently revealed the most important factor in choosing her movie roles: her children. 

Hathaway shares two sons with her husband Adam Shulman: Jonathan, 6, and Jack, 2. 

“I have to say, the ‘kids’ thing has been the biggest shift,” Hathaway said of her sons. “That’s kind of re-prioritized everything, so it’s actually made me a bit choosier because something really has to be so excellent to spend time away from them because they’re so precious to me.”

She continued, “They’re the most sacred part of my life by a long shot. And then when I do accept something, it puts greater pressure on me to make it worth the time that I’ve spent away from them.”

The actress also shared that she hopes her kids stay out of acting — at least until they’re adults. 

“I would probably take the same tack that my parents did with me, which is: You have all the time in the world to be a professional actor; you can only be a child once,” she shared.

“So I would encourage them to study, to go to classes, to read, but I would strongly discourage them from starting too young,” Hathaway concluded. “I think that they’ll be in a position where they’ll be able to go to college and figure out where they want to go from there.”

Hathaway isn’t the only actress prioritizing her kids over her career.

Movieguide® previously reported on Julia Roberts’ thoughts on family:

Actress Julia Roberts was once known as the queen of romcoms in Hollywood, with roles in blockbusters like NOTTING HILL, PRETTY WOMAN, and MY BEST FRIEND’S WEDDING. However, Roberts decided to take a step back from Hollywood for a heartwarming reason. 

“Here’s the thing: If I’d thought something was good enough, I would have done it,” Roberts shared. “But I also had three kids in the last 18 years.”

“That raises the bar even more because then it’s not only ‘Is this material good?’ It’s also the math equation of my husband’s work schedule and the kids’ school schedule and summer vacation,” the actress explained. “It’s not just, ‘Oh, I think I want to do this.’ I have a sense of great pride in being home with my family and considering myself a homemaker.”

Roberts also said that she feels a “sense of responsibility” to show “my children that I can be creative and that it’s meaningful to me – so meaningful that for periods of time I will choose to focus on that almost more than my family, which has been hard for me to come to terms with.”