Dog The Bounty Hunter And Wife Launch Organization To Combat Sex Trafficking

Photo from Duane Chapman Instagram

Dog The Bounty Hunter And Wife Launch Organization To Combat Sex Trafficking

By Movieguide® Contributor

Duane “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Chapman is putting his skills to use with his new charitable organization, The D.O.G. Foundation, to hunt down sex traffickers. 

“Dog and I know that God brought us together in the most miraculous way for His purpose — to bring glory to Him and to the Kingdom,” Francie Chapman, the bounty hunter’s wife, said. “So we really have been focused on what does that look like for God to use us in that way.”

She continued, “Dog’s been chasing bad guys for all of these years and has arrested 10,000 people and has made a huge difference in so many guy’s lives.” 

In addition to hunting down traffickers, The D.O.G. Foundation will also help rehabilitate abused women coming out of prison. 

“The women coming out of prison have nowhere to go because they have been in abusive relationships and have been using drugs, and they want to get their lives together, but they don’t really know how to do that,” Francie explained.

She went on, “Part of our plan in The D.O.G. Foundation is that we want to show these women how loved they are by the Lord. First and foremost, we want them to know because that’s what changed Katie and I’s life is an encounter with the Lord. Knowing how loved we are by Him and then teaching them that they can get healed from all the things that they’ve been through, and the lives that they were in.”

“We want these women to get whole and healed and know who they are in the Lord and know that they can have a life that is so much greater than where they were and learn how to have a whole full life going forward,” she concluded. “Because God’s in the business of restoration and redemption, we want to help these women walk into that calling.”

Dog will continue to hunt down men who are grooming and kidnapping women into being sex trafficked, while he and Francie will work to help women affected by trafficking rebuild their lives.

“If we can rise up in all of the bad that happens and use that to build strength in us for what God’s called us to, to help other people, that’s how we win,” Francie shared. “That’s how the devil loses. That’s how we kick the devil in the teeth.”