The Rock’s BLACK ADAM Conquers Box Office Weekend

Poster courtesy of MMPA

The Rock’s BLACK ADAM Conquers Box Office Weekend

By Movieguide® Staff

Warning: this article contains spoilers for BLACK ADAM

DC’s latest comic-book adaptation starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson BLACK ADAM earned $67M in its opening weekend.

The superhero blockbuster is a sight for sore eyes after a theatrical dry spell post summer box office hits like TOP GUN: MAVERICK.

According to Deadline, the strong start for BLACK ADAM puts it ahead of DC’s SHAZAM! in its global debut.

A portion of Movieguide®’s review of BLACK ADAM reads:

BLACK ADAM has a mixed pagan worldview with mixed messages. This causes some confusion over the values and lessons the movie is promoting. For example, the movie has some false religion and occultism. Thus, there are several references to gods, some talk about Fate and references to magic.

On the positive side, BLACK ADAM has some strong moral content. For example, the heroes team up to fight a villain who wants to use demonic powers. They never want to take the evil crown for their own use. Also, during the movie, Hawkman repeatedly tries to convince Black Adam not to kill the villain’s henchmen. Adam agrees – for a while. BLACK ADAM also has a strong theme promoting freedom. The people of Khandaq want freedom, and they think Black Adam can help them take back their freedom. Finally, there’s an overt theme of sacrifice in BLACK ADAM. In fact, the plot has two or three redemptive examples of sacrifice. This theme of sacrifice gives Black Adam and Hawkman a third way to look at what makes a hero.

The more moral, and uplifting themes were enough to draw in families, which has allowed BLACK ADAM to benefit from a larger audience than other Oct. releases like HALLOWEEN ENDS.

Johnson is known for his edgier family-friendly content, like JUMANJI: WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE, JUNGLE CRUISE, and the FAST & FURIOUS franchise, and Movieguide® recommends some caution for younger audiences.