Jenny Marrs Helps Struggling Mother: ‘We All Have Something To Offer’

Photo from Jenny Marrs’ Instagram

Jenny Marrs Helps Struggling Mother: ‘We All Have Something To Offer’

By Movieguide® Staff

In a recent blog post, HGTV star Jenny Marrs reflected on her and her husband Dave’s experience in an airport.

Marrs said that after filming an episode of their show, HOMETOWN TAKEOVER in Colorado, the couple were tired and ready to get home to their children in Arkansas.

However, a crying child and a stressed out mother caught the attention of the Marrs, and they decided to help.

“We walked over and asked if there was anything we could do. The visibly exhausted mom didn’t hesitate to accept,” Marrs recalled. “She was struggling to pick up her son with the baby strapped on her chest and asked if I would pick him up and set him in the stroller. I tried to calm him down in order to pick him up but he wasn’t having it. We tried coaxing him into the stroller on his own. Instead, he rolled on the floor and screamed as loudly as possible.”

“Our flight was now boarding at the gate and each precious minute that ticked by meant we were closer and closer to missing our flight,” Marrs continued. “If we missed the flight – it was the only one that night headed to NW Arkansas – we would be stuck in Denver until the next morning. I had established a countdown with the kids that was based on how many “sleeps” we would be away and they had woken up that morning so excited because we had “no more sleeps!” apart. We could not miss the flight. We had to get home.”

However, Marrs said that eventually the child calmed down and she was able to talk with the mother about her story.

“She told me they had been visiting her husband who was in the military, stationed halfway across the globe. This hit me so hard. She was emotional, exhausted and had been traveling for over 24 hours,” she said. “Her kiddos had left their daddy after a brief visit. They were emotional and exhausted. She also shared that her son had diabetes and his blood sugar was too high, causing the erratic behavior.”

“We finally made it to their gate, said goodbye and wished them well on their journey and then raced back to our own gate. We were the final two passengers to board. But, we made it. I exhaled in deep relief as we settled into our seats.”

The mother of five used the story to encourage others to offer a helping hand to those in need and not pass up on opportunities to serve another human being.

“I’m not sharing this to garner any praise for what we did. It was truly so little,” she said. “I’m sharing this because it’s a very tangible reminder of the fact that we never really know what someone else is going through. Before we are quick to judge the toddler who is acting out or the momma who is exhausted and visibly struggling, we should offer a hand to help. The four of us had no way of knowing her son was sick or that they had been traveling for two days after visiting their deployed father. We just knew she needed help. And, we answered the gentle nudge urging us to do so. We helped in a small way. We carried luggage and made a little boy laugh.”

“I pray I never become so caught up in my own pressing needs and overpacked schedule to notice the needs of others,” she added. “I’m sharing here because maybe someone else needs this reminder today, as well. We all have something to offer. Let’s keep offering what we have and remaining open to ways we can help others.”