Phillies Pitcher Kyle Gibson Makes World Series Debut at 35: ‘God’s Timing is Perfect’

Photo from Philadelphia Phillies’ Instagram

Phillies Pitcher Kyle Gibson Makes World Series Debut at 35: ‘God’s Timing is Perfect’

By Movieguide® Staff

On Nov. 2, the Houston Astros tied up the World Series against the Philadelphia Phillies with an astounding no-hitter. However, in Game 3, the Phillies blew out the Astros in a 7-0 victory.

While the results of the World Series are up in the air, some players from each team, are setting their sights above baseball.

Phillies pitcher Kyle Gibson recently made his World Series debut, at 35 years old.

Despite his limited role for the Phillies, the team appreciates his leadership.

“He’s been great,” the team’s manager Rob Thomson said of Gibson. “He’s a pro. … He’s been a leader down there and helping people stay calm and poised and it’s been great.”

Even with so much experience under his belt, Gibson recognizes that God has orchestrated his career in the MLB.

“[It is] pretty cool to be back in the organization where it could’ve started back in 2006,” Gibson said in an episode of Sports Spectrum’s “Get in the Game” podcast. “God’s timing is perfect, and the path that He’s had me on has been an incredible one. I wouldn’t go back and change it for anything, so just glad to be here now and getting this chance.”

“I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, and our story, thankfully, it’s a part of a bigger story, right?” he added. “It’s a part of God’s story of all of humanity and everything that goes on. I believe that my story is being written every single day. I’m given struggles, I’m given triumphs for many different reasons.”

For Gibson, his career in the MLB has more purpose than simply pitching. The veteran player also works with Big League Impact to help those in need.

“Really, our goal is to provide hope for people in their lives where there’s no hope, restore dignity and try to help them feed their families and help lift them out of poverty and help themselves lift themselves out of poverty,” Gibson explained. “There’s a lot of ways Big League Impact is doing that today.”

At the time of writing this, the Phillies and Astros will have played game 5 of the World Series on Nov. 3.