5 Things You Need to Know About the Movie THE 33


5 Things You Need to Know About the Movie THE 33

By Trevor Pacelli


On November 13th, 2015, Alcon Entertainment will release a new film for the holidays that tells an inspiring story about how strongly God works through those who are both helping and in need of help. THE 33, directed by Patricia Riggen, tells the true story of a group of 33 miners who were trapped in a gold and copper mine in Copiapo, Chile for 69 days back in 2010. Why is this movie worth the admission price? Well…

1. This unbelievable story really happened five years ago. You may have remembered hearing stories of it in the news, but the book by Hector Tobar, “Deep Down Dark,” which inspired the movie, recorded the story at a level of personal depth that the press could never have covered. These men were trapped behind a rock the size of two empire state buildings, with limited resources for food or water. This film tells you the real story that we should have be told.

2. This film features a winning cast of diverse players. Most of the actors are unknowns both from Chile and from elsewhere, which means that there are no huge celebrity names to draw focus away from the trials of the characters. Even so, there are still contributions of well-known stars, including three-time Golden Globe nominee Antonio Banderas (MASK OF ZORRO), and Oscar winner Juliette Binoche (THE ENGLISH PATIENT).

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3. Everything is shot on location in Copiapo, Chile. Here is something for all you touristy types out there. With some glamorous shots of the Chilean landscapes, the horrific looks of the imprisoning mine, and the intertwining of actors speaking both English and Spanish, be prepared for an authentic international experience for anyone drawn to South America!

4. It has the miner-approved seal. THE 33 was made in collaboration with the real miners and their families, ensuring real authenticity with the material. These men, including Florencio Avalos, Carlos Mamani, Jose Ojeda, and “Super Mario” Gomez, thankfully survived the disaster so that they could share their story with the world. When a biopic has been overseen from start to finish by the very lives being recorded, then seeing this movie becomes not only a popcorn fare, but a tribute to their hard emotional work.

5. This story reminds us all of the hardworking, diligent spirit that God works through other people. He always loves to show his love towards the lost and the hurt, especially when He places them in seemingly inescapable life or death situations. This is where He takes the most hard-working people to make the most spectacular strides to place someone else’s life above his own. Then in the end, when the crisis is over, it becomes a testimony for all to hear of Christ’s power.



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