Help MOVIEGUIDE® Fight Explicit, Blasphemous Movie About Lesbian Nuns

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Help MOVIEGUIDE® Fight Explicit, Blasphemous Movie About Lesbian Nuns

By Dr. Ted Baehr, Publisher

When you don’t have any moral or ethical standards at all, then anything, even the most disgusting, most evil and most vile thing, goes.

Such is the case with the latest Anti-Christian outrage coming from the mass media of entertainment, this time from the independent movie studio, IFC Films, which is run by AMC Networks, which also owns the American Movie Classics or AMC Channel and the MGM television Channel on Cable TV.

BENEDETTA, a French movie, is Dutch Director Paul Verhoeven latest movie. Verhoeven, who previously directed the bloody American hits ROBOCOP and TOTAL RECALL, is a proud member of the notorious Jesus Seminar, a group of mostly lying, self-described “scholars” that in the 1990s attacked the veracity of the four gospels in the New Testament and their depiction of the words, deeds and teachings of Jesus Christ.

Very loosely based on a scholarly, but controversial, 1986 examination of a mystical nun’s career in 17th Century Italy, Verhoeven’s new French movie allegedly shows the nun having an explicit lesbian love affair with a younger nun who was appointed by their convent’s mother superior to take care of the older nun.

Shown recently at the Cannes Film Festival, the movie reportedly contains a small icon of the Virgin Mary is used as a sex toy, violent visions involving Jesus, explicit nudity, graphic toilet scenes, and vicious feminist attacks on the male hierarchy in the Catholic Church and society.

The Hollywood Reporter review said the movie “has all the elements of a vintage Verhoeven brew: sex, violence, betrayals, moral ambiguity, religious hypocrisy – and, of course, a [small] Virgin Mary statue that’s transformed into a [sex toy].”

THR also said the movie “is about a woman clawing her way to power in a male-dominated world, gradually finding her own voice and then achieving emancipation.”

The Wrap said the movie “finds time to explore questions of voyeurism, sadism, masochism, systems of power, perversion, repression, rebellion, storytelling, divinity, irony and belief. Oh, and sex – plenty and plenty of nun-on-nun sex.”

The Roger Ebert review site concludes, “At times, it has the feel of a grand summation of all the director’s ideas about eroticism, rationality, moral ambiguity, and faith.”

In reality, Vatican documents reportedly show that, at a second trial or examination of the nun’s visions, the younger nun testified that the older nun actually had molested her. Also, it was revealed that the older nun said she was possessed by a “male” demon during the sexual abuse. Finally, church authorities discovered that the nun had faked the appearance of some bloody stigmata or wounds on her hands meant to signify the nails on Jesus Christ’s hands when the Romans crucified Him.

IFC hasn’t set a release date in the United States yet for the movie. However, MOVIEGUIDE® readers and supporters can help MOVIEGUIDE® fight the movie’s release in America and around the world by donating to the ministry here.

You can also politely complain about the movie to IFC Films and AMC Networks to the following people and address:

Joshua Sapan, CEO/President

AMC Networks

Jonathan Sehring, President

IFC Films

11 Penn Plaza, 18th Floor

New York, NY 10001

Phone: (917) 542 6209

Finally, one of the best ways to oppose such abhorrent movies and television programming as this, readers and supporters can choose to watch titles that proclaim the Good, the True and the Beautiful, such as THE BOSS BABY: FAMILY BUSINESS and BLUE MIRACLE.