Actor/Director Nick Searcy to Make Movies That ‘Don’t Insult People of Faith’

Photo via Nick Searcy/Facebook

Actor/Director Nick Searcy to Make Movies That ‘Don’t Insult People of Faith’

By Jessilyn Lancaster, Managing Editor

GOSNELL: THE TRIAL OF AMERICA’S BIGGEST SERIAL KILLER Director Nick Searcy announced plans to create movies that “don’t insult people of faith or who love their country.”

Searcy is behind a new production service called American Pictures.

According to its website, “American Pictures Group is a New York-based independent executive production service company that uses innovative financing models that include opportunities for investors outside of the Hollywood system to bring a new generation of American entertainment to the forefront of what is standard in the industry.

Though Searcy’s appeared in award-winning movies like THE SHAPE OF WATER and THREE BILLBOARDS OUTSIDE EBBING, MISSOURI, he said he wanted a company outside of liberal Hollywood.

“We really need to basically infiltrate or create our own separate studio,” Searcy told Just the News.

Searcy currently has plans for two movies through American Pictures: WHERE I’M BOUND about a gospel quartet in the 1960s, and a retelling of the Battle of Kings Mountain in the Revolutionary War, aptly titled REVOLUTIONARY.

American Pictures wants investors to fund these movies.

“Providing compelling content to under-served audiences with risk mitigation strategies for investors, American Pictures Group has a unique way of minimizing equity requirements and maximizing investor return,” according to the site. “This is a financing model that can mobilize investors who may feel they cannot currently participate in the creation of motion pictures they and their families want to see.”

Searcy said, “We have to convince conservative investors that storytelling is a good, long-term investment.”

WHERE I’M BOUND is set to begin filming next year if the movie is funded.

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