Actor Neal McDonough Calls His Relationship With God ‘Paramount In My Life’

Photo courtesy of Neal McDonough via Instagram

Actor Neal McDonough Calls His Relationship With God ‘Paramount In My Life’

By Movieguide® Contributor

Actor Neal McDonough has found major success in Hollywood, but the actor still remembers a time when he was blacklisted for his faith. 

In 2010, he was fired from the show SCOUNDRELS after refusing to film any sex scenes. The show only ran for one season, but McDonough was still blacklisted in the industry.

He faced “a few hard years,” but after scoring a role on JUSTIFIED, McDonough started working again. He gives all the credit to his faith in God and His plan. 

“I think I was blessed at a very young age to have a strong relationship with God,” McDonough explained. “And it’s been paramount in my life as everyone kind of knows. Look, we all make mistakes. We’re all flawed, we’re all human. And that’s kind of what makes us beautiful at the same time.”

One job he’s excited about this holiday season is narrating the PBS special O HOLY NIGHT: CHRISTMAS WITH THE TABERNACLE CHOIR. 

“There are a few times when I get to talk about things that are really, really important to me in my life, and that’s my relationship with God and family,” McDonough said of his decision to join the special. “For me, it’s family first, me second. God first, me second. And when you’re run by those rules, things are a lot easier. You’re not as tempted to do stupid things… We all make mistakes every single day. But it’s how we get up the next day and kind of dust it off that dictates what kind of person you are. In our house, our relationship with God is incredibly important.”

He continued, “We get caught up in so many things, especially during the holiday season… it can be a very emotional time. But when you have a core to lean back on, whether it’s immediate family or our heavenly father, that’s how you get through things in life. And for me, it’s vitally important… it’s about family and it’s about love.”

Movieguide® previously reported on his involvement with the Christmas special:

Actor Neal McDonough, known for CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER and MINORITY REPORT, recently unveiled plans for a faith-based production company that focuses on family-friendly content. 

McDonough’s most recent upcoming projects is BYUtv and PBS’ special CHRISTMAS WITH THE TABERNACLE CHOIR. 

“This show is something that we’re all so proud of and we can’t wait for everyone to watch the show and take those messages home with them and celebrate Christmas the way it’s supposed to be celebrated with family and talking about the ultimate family and ultimate sacrifice of someone who gave Himself for us,” the actor shared. “It’s a humbling feeling to be part of an event like this. I am the luckiest guy in the world.”

Another exciting project McDonough has been working on is the most recent season of YELLOWSTONE, where he got to reconnect with star Kevin Costner, who he befriended during the 2006 shooting of THE GUARDIAN. 

“We were both college baseball players, [so] during lunch we would take batting practice and hit balls and talk about life,” said McDonough. “I really got to know Kevin pretty well during that film. And then when I got YELLOWSTONE, it was just really great to see him again.”

McDonough’s YELLOWSTONE character was mortally wounded and presumed dead, but the actor has teased that Malcolm Beck might not really be dead. 

“Malcolm Beck is certainly not dead,” McDonough said. “There have been lots of discussions about how you could ever bring Malcolm back if we did. I can’t imagine what Malcolm Beck would be like after he comes back… and [gets] revenge against the whole Dutton family. I just think it would be fantastic television, but we’ll see.”

“[Showrunner] Taylor [Sheridan is] a mighty busy guy right now,” he admitted. “And you know, [my wife] and I are so busy doing our films that I’m not sure we’ll ever have the time to… get it done. But I certainly would love to do that for sure — get back in the saddle one more time against Kevin.”