Actress Tawny Kitaen’s Brother Pointed His Sister to Christ Before Her Death

Photo from Tawny Kitaen’s Instagram

Actress Tawny Kitaen’s Brother Pointed His Sister to Christ Before Her Death

By Movieguide® Staff

Before actress Tawny Kitaen died on May 7, 2021, her brother Jordan said he encouraged her to turn towards her faith.

“To me, my faith is central to who I am. I’ve always felt that that’s what’s always gotten me through difficult times. I’ve always felt like that would be a huge help in [Tawny’s given name] Julie’s life to have a more robust spiritual connection,” Jordan told Fox News.

Jordan noted that although Tawny was extroverted and exuberant with other people, the actress struggled when she was alone.

“She wasn’t great by herself. She was best in a crowd and with people. I think as a result she never fully got to know herself intimately as much as she got to know herself as a public figure,” Jordan said.

Tawny opened up about her battle with addiction and how that resulted in run-ins with the law.

Despite Tawny’s attendance at recovery meetings, Jordan pushed her to take her faith a step further.

“I told Julie she can’t do it on her own, none of us can,” Jordan recalled. “She’s been in recovery before so she knew the concept of a higher power. I told her, ‘The higher power thing is awesome, but give it some substance. You can have an intimate relationship with Him if you so choose or you can reject Him and embrace the world and all of its disappointments.’

“I think she was actually growing in that area. I think she just ran out of time,” Jordan continued. “Or maybe not. You never know what kind of transformation happens in someone’s heart.”

Although Jordan recognized their differences, he said that they maintained a healthy relationship.

Tawny’s family held a celebration of life ceremony, where the actress’s two daughters, Wynter and Raine, gave speeches. Jordan’s 15-year-old son also sang, “Let It Be.”

“She was close with her daughters,” Jordan said. “They took it extremely hard. But we sort of have circled the wagons around them. They’ve been strong. They both did great speaking at the service.”

“We just want to say thank you for all of you, her fans and her friends, for always showing her such support and love. You gave her life everyday,” the family’s statement on Tawny’s Instagram read.

Though Tawny often took raunchy roles, she appeared in HERCULES: THE LEGENDARY JOURNEYS alongside Kevin Sorbo.