After Two PGA Tour Event Wins, Stewart Cink Points to Faith in Jesus

Photo from Stewart Cink’s Instagram

After Two PGA Tour Event Wins, Stewart Cink Points to Faith in Jesus

By Movieguide® Staff

Professional golfer Stewart Cink recently won his second PGA Tour event of the year and credited his success to his faith in Jesus.

Cink, 47, said that whether he wins or loses, his focus is on his relationship with God.

“The thing about me and my family with the peace and joy we experience, it’s not something that just we wait for the circumstances to line up, like the planets or some signs or tea leaves or something,” Cink said. “We install our own peace and joy because of our faith in Jesus Christ, basically.”

He added: “That is the No. 1 tenet of my life, and it enables me to feel peaceful and joyful even when the golf ball is not agreeing with my club face and not going in the hole.”

Despite his successful career in sports, Cink finds his worth and peace in Christ and nowhere else.

“I don’t seek peace and joy out of golf because I know I can never depend on it to fully sustain that kind of peace and joy that I’m looking for…I love playing and winning and having a week like this is just amazing, but the peace and joy that we experience — and it’s available to everybody — is something that you don’t have to wait for the circumstances,” Cink said.

Cink shares two sons with his wife, Lisa, who all watched him win the RBC Heritage championship trophy.

“It’s just an amazing blessing,” Lisa said. “God has blessed us beyond words, and I’m just super grateful and I love them so much.”

Their faith in God is constant, even in the ups and downs of golf and the ups and downs of life.

Cink started his professional career in 1995 and has eight PGA Tour wins.

The couple has also experienced individual battles with cancer. Lisa was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2016, and Stewart had cancerous cells removed from his face.

“Faith just helps me iron out a lot of the bad stuff, and whenever I feel like I’m on top of the world, it helps me realize that the glory is not for me,” Cink said in a separate interview from 2013.

“Golf can be really up and down, and 65’s and 75 don’t feel the same,” Cink said. “Studying the Bible and being with these fellow believers helps me to feel like I can be the same every day and be grounded in something that’ll never change.”