Alex Kendrick Says Studios Refused to Release LIFEMARK

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Alex Kendrick Says Studios Refused to Release LIFEMARK

By Movieguide® Staff

The Kendrick Brothers, known for multiple Movieguide® Award-winning movies like WAR ROOM and COURAGEOUS, recently revealed that Hollywood refused to distribute their upcoming movie, LIFEMARK.

The Christian filmmakers said that due to the movie’s pro-life message, mainstream Hollywood studios would not support the project, despite the Kendricks’ past financial successes at the box office.

“They said, ‘We’re not releasing this one because we’re scared of the response,'” Alex Kendrick told Christian Headlines.

“It was interesting when we shot this film, several of the studios that have courted us in the past, and [have] wanted us to go with them as distributors, they all turned down this film,” Kendrick added. “… And so we said – it’s okay, so we would go to a second and a third studio, and they all said, ‘We want anything you got but this one.’ Because they’re saying this is such a touchy subject and a battleground. And we said, ‘Well, we cannot be ashamed or afraid to share the truth regarding this subject, to share a true story.’ It’s hard to argue with a true story. And so we said, ‘We’re going to do this with grace, we’re going to do this with love, but with truth.'”

Despite its references to abortion, Kendrick’s previously revealed that the movie was more about the beauty of adoption than the horror of abortion.

Movieguide® previously reported on LIFEMARK, which will star Kirk Cameron and be based on a true story:

Unlike their previous movies, the Kendrick Brothers based LIFEMARK on a true story of life and adoption. Kendrick explains that everyone has a unique journey, and this movie will tell “a story that I think is desperately needed in our generation.”

Kendrick continues, “There’s nothing more powerful I think than being able to say ‘Hey don’t argue with us. You know this is a true story. Let it speak for itself, and let it change your life.'”

Kendrick hopes that LIFEMARK will spark discussions on the beauty of adoption and the power of faith in crisis situations. He believes that the church has a unique opportunity to support women in crisis pregnancies and practice James 1:27—”pure religion is to also take care of the widows and the orphans.”

The movie also stars Rebecca Rogers, Raphael Ruggero, Dawn Long, Justin Sterner, Marisa Hampton and Kendrick.

According to Crosswalk.com, LIFEMARK will premiere as a Fathom Event for one week starting on Sept. 9, in over 1,400 theaters.

“We think this is a beautiful picture of what it could look like to show compassion, to forgive, to minister and to give hope,” Kendrick said.

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