Amazon Studios Exec Calls RINGS OF POWER ‘A Tremendous Success,’ Teases A Third Season

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Amazon Studios Exec Calls RINGS OF POWER ‘A Tremendous Success,’ Teases A Third Season

By Movieguide® Contributor

THE LORD OF THE RINGS: RINGS OF POWER is one of Amazon’s most successful shows, and the streaming service is getting ready for Season 2!

Vernon Sanders, the head of Global TV for Amazon Studios, recently spoke about what fans can expect from the next season, as well as when fans will hear about a Season 3 renewal. 

“[RINGS OF POWER has] been a tremendous success for us, it performed incredibly well around the globe,” Sanders told Deadline. “It is by far our biggest scripted series, it is the most acquisitive show that we’ve put out. 

He continued, “We’ve already released the fact that we’re over 100 million [viewers], and the number has gone up since then, it’s millions and millions beyond that.”

“We are really proud that the show drove renewed interest in the books, we saw spikes in book sales,” Sanders marveled. “It’s just been a company-wide success and as significant as our investment has been, it has more than paid off for us.”

He reiterated that the studio is “absolutely committed” to carrying out showrunners J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay’s vision, saying they’ve done “a tremendous job.”

Sanders also shared some insight into how production on Season 2 is going and what they all learned while working on Season 1. 

“We’ve never done anything like this,” he admitted. “So the whole production model, how to produce a show like this, the scale work, all that were things that we needed to learn for the first time in the process of making the show.”

He promised bigger battle scenes, new cast members, and impressive performances from returning actors. Sanders also teased a potential Season 3 for RINGS OF POWER. 

“We’re probably two to three months in on [planning] Season 3 but I think there could be news certainly in the new year,” Sanders shared. “There’s so much planning and prep that’s necessary for us to get this mounted that the only reason we probably haven’t gotten there quite yet is we’ve just been so heads down in Season 2, but I would expect there to be news in the new year.”

Movieguide® previously reported on the announcement of new cast members for the second season of RINGS OF POWER:

THE LORD OF THE RINGS: RINGS OF POWER has added eight new cast members as they prepare to start work on the upcoming second season. 

According to Deadline, Oliver Alvin-Wilson, Stuart Bowman), Gavi Singh Chera, William Chubb, Kevin Eldon, Will Keen, Selina Lo, and Calam Lynch are set to join the cast. 

These new actors will join previously announced new actors Sam Hazeldine, Gabriel Akuwudike, Yasen ‘Zates’ Atour, Ben Daniels, Amelia Kenworthy, Nia Towle and Nicholas Woodeson.

No character descriptions have been released yet except for Hazeldine, who will play Adar, leader of the orcs. 

There are some hypotheses about who these new cast members will play. It’s likely that one will play the elf Círdan, while others will play Dwarf-kings or the character Nazgûl.