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Anti-Trafficking Advocate Urges Action Following SOUND OF FREEDOM Success

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Anti-Trafficking Advocate Urges Action Following SOUND OF FREEDOM Success

By Movieguide® Contributor

In a recent discussion with ChurchLeaders, anti-human trafficking advocate Victor Marx shared his thoughts and concerns regarding THE SOUND OF FREEDOM.

“God used Tim’s story to put [human trafficking] in front of the Christian Church to say, now you know, what are you going to do? So the success of the film has really forced the conversation,” Marx shared.

“[It’s] exciting, but it’s also concerning, because the [American] church is a reflection, sadly, of our culture, not the other way around,” he continued. “And as quick as things come and go on social media newsfeeds, the danger is that people will get lathered up and emotional in the moment and then move on—and it becomes a fad.”

Marx worries that, even though Christians now know about the horrors of human trafficking through SOUND OF FREEDOM, they won’t be motivated to action. 

He explained, “The current day church, they’re not keen on suffering.”

“Therefore, what happens is those of us who have been laboring in this field for decades are left with people who know enough verbiage to now not be responsible,” he explained.

Marx’s passion for rescuing trafficked and abused children comes from his own experience. According to his website, “At the age of 5, Victor was molested and left in a commercial cooler to die. He endured a childhood marked with physical and sexual abuse, multiple stepfathers, 14 schools and 17 different houses.”

“The discipline of the military and his faith in God has helped him recover, become a husband and father, and fight to help others,” Church Leaders reported.

Marx believes prayer is one of the most powerful weapons to combat human trafficking. However, he told Church Leaders that the American church is “majorly lacking” in that area. 

“The most effective thing we do, out of everything we do, is simply pray for people to be set free from demonic strongholds. I do that more than anything,” he added. “This is the weakness of the church today—not their ability to teach or preach or do worship. It’s their inability to face with authority demonic forces to set people free.”

Movieguide® previously reported on SOUND OF FREEDOM: 

Director, Alejandro Monteverde, felt called by God to create SOUND OF FREEDOM.  

The Christian Post reported, “Today is one of the most important days of my life, and I’m so grateful,” Monteverde expressed in a red-carpet interview. 

“There are two types of stories, the ones that I want to make and the ones that I was called to make and this one I was called to make,” he added.  

The Angel Studios film tells the true story of Tim Ballard’s journey to fight and end child sex trafficking. The studio encourages families with teens to watch the film together so that the teens can be educated about the evil that occurs in this world.  

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