Bailee Madison Says Family was By ‘My Side Alway’ as a Child Actor

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Bailee Madison Says Family was By ‘My Side Alway’ as a Child Actor

By Movieguide® Contributor

Having landed her first role at 4 years old, Bailee Madison has already spent two decades in the entertainment industry. She’s now taking time to reflect and put into practice the lessons she’s learned.

While many child actors have had scarring incidents occur on set, one of the things Madison is most grateful for is that she always felt safe while working on her shows and movies.

“I think I was so fortunate; I had my family be my side always, it was such a small circle,” she told TODAY. “The people I got to be on set with, like, especially looking back, I think filled my heart with so much safety and kindness and joy and love.”

She’s had the opportunity to work with some of the biggest names in Hollywood including Jennifer Aniston, Adam Sandler, Billy Crystal and Christian Bale. She has also received recognition at the Movieguide® Awards for her projects including SAVING SARAH CAIN and LETTERS TO GOD.

Though Madison loves her work in the entertainment industry, she was forced to take a break last summer due to the actor’s strike. She took that time to reflect on her already lengthy career.

“I’ve always wanted to do music, [then] the actors strike happened [and] we wrote this song, my boyfriend and I – he’s a wonderful musician. I just thought, life’s too short, let’s put it out and it’s called ‘Kind of Fun’ and it was honestly a reflection about the summertime filming this past season,” Madison said.

“This one was kind of born out of a reflection period, I would say, ’cause I was finding old photos of myself and cleaning out the garage and I just, it was the first time I took a minute, and I was like, just heal. Use music to heal maybe a little bit,” she told Kelly Clarkson.

Music has always been a place of healing for her, and she often turns to worship music when she’s struggling.

“I grew up on country music, but specifically always had worship music going on, and those are the songs that I will turn to. There’s this one song that’s six minutes long, and it’s called ‘Build My Life’ by Housefires, and that’s my shower song,” she told Wonder Mind. “Some mornings when I’m like, I got to go to work. I might need a quick cry. I’m going to just put this song on and listen to it. And I always feel really grounded. It’s those kinds of songs that I’ll actually listen to before a scene just to try to ground myself and access my emotions.”

Movieguide® previously reported on Madison:

Actress Bailee Madison stars in the newest adaptation of the classic fairytale Cinderella, A CINDERELLA STORY: STARSTRUCK.

Madison, 21, said she watched the movies as a child AND is fulfilling a childhood dream by playing the role of Cinderella. She also previously played young Snow White for the series ONCE UPON A TIME.

The A WEEK AWAY star, who is admittedly a “genuine fan of the franchise,” grew up watching Duff’s original A CINDERELLA STORY.

“It’s so timeless,” Madison told E! News. “They’ve done a beautiful job creating new versions of Cinderella. I feel like a lot of girls are able to relate to at least one of the Cinderella’s in it, so I love that.”

“My younger self wouldn’t believe this was happening because the movies meant so much to me when I was growing up,” she added.

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