Barack and Michelle’s Other Communist Friend

A Sept. 14, 2009 article in Frontpage Magazine shows that President Obama and his wife, Michelle, and Valerie Jarrett, one of Obama’s top advisors, are linked to another Communist radical from the 1960s, Marilyn Katz, president and Founder of MK Communications (see article at http://frontpagemag.com/readArticle.aspx?ARTID=36289).

According to the article, Katz provided “security” for the radical Neo-Marxist group Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) at the 1968 Democratic Convention and has been associated with Marxist groups and the Democratic Party for decades.

She helped found the Marxist group the New American Movement (NAM), which included Communist Party USA members. A 1973 NAM pamphlet declared support for Communists in Russia, China, Cuba, Vietnam, as well as support for Russian dictator Vladimir Lenin’s Marxist/Communist ideology.

While working in PR for the Democrat Party in the 1980s to this decade, Katz has maintained her radical ties while working closely with President Obama on the Project Vote campaign he led in 1992 in Chicago, as well as helping Obama’s later political campaigns.

Katz is also linked with Valerie Jarrett, the top Obama advisor who helped Obama appoint avowed Communist member Van Jones as “green jobs czar.”

It is interesting to note that Obama’s top campaign advisor, David Axelrod, apparently was mentored in his early journalism career by Don Rose, a long-time Neo-Marxist radical activist in Chicago and member of the Communist front organization Alliance to End Repression, who ran a local newspaper reportedly friendly to leftist student movements in the 1960s, including Katz’s SDS.

During the presidential campaign, it was revealed that Obama had close ties with Bill Ayers, a Marxist radical from the 1960s whose terrorist bombings arrest was thrown out because of legal technicalities.

Marxists and other Communist radicals have long been known for their knack of infiltrating and perverting other organizations, including political parties. In fact, their mentors instruct them to do that.

MOVIEGUIDE® Editor Tom Snyder confirms that this is what his Marxist college professor taught his students in Political Science classes back in the early 1970s.

– Source: Frontpage Magazine, 09/14/09, and New Zeal, 10/31/08.