BE OUR CHEF Offers Great Family-Friendly Content

Photo via Disney on YouTube

BE OUR CHEF Offers Great Family-Friendly Content

By Jenny Frye, Contributing Writer

BE OUR CHEF is a Disney+ cooking competition show. The game show is perfect for families and children of all ages, and it is rated TV-G. BE OUR CHEF is hosted by popular actress Angela Kinsey (THE OFFICE, TALL GIRL).

BE OUR CHEF follows five families as they compete in a cooking competition show to win a Disney cruise vacation for the family. The contestants make delicious dishes that are inspired by Disney characters and movies. Some of these movies include CINDERELLA, MOANA and ALICE IN WONDERLAND.

Each family consists of children and parents who work together in the challenges. The kids are enthusiastic, and the parents are encouraging. Even though it is a competition show, all the families have good attitudes and support each another.

In the BE OUR CHEF episodes, there is a mini challenge where the kids will have the opportunity to win the “magic spoon.” The family who wins the magic spoon will have an advantage of one timeout, extra time, or professional help during the cook off.

The second half of the episode follows two of the five families as they compete for the best dish of the chosen theme. The family who wins the challenge will be given a point on the leaderboard, and the family that has the most points at the end of the show will win the Disney cruise vacation.

BE OUR CHEF has a strong moral worldview and encourages kids to be respectful, hardworking, gracious, and family-oriented. Moreover, the series highlights how exciting cooking can be, especially when you are working with the ones you love. The show is very entertaining, and the challenges are unique and creative.

Most importantly, BE OUR CHEF offers appropriate, moral and fun-loving content for young children and their parents. BE OUR GUEST offers families pleasing entertainment that isn’t violent or vulgar. BE OUR GUEST is the perfect blend of Disney magic and family fun.

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