Ben and Kirsten Watson Relaunch Podcast Focused on Family and Faith

Photo from Ben Watson’s Instagram

Ben and Kirsten Watson Relaunch Podcast Focused on Family and Faith

By Movieguide® Staff

In a recent interview on FOX & FRIENDS, former NFL player Benjamin Watson announced the relaunch of the “Why or Why Not with the Watsons” podcast he hosts alongside his wife, Kirsten.

“We are relaunching our podcast today, on access more,” Watson said over Valentine’s Day weekend. “Our podcast is centered on marriage, on parenting, on faith, and yes the first episode is about Valentines Day.”

“Valentine’s Day is important, but men, keep the spark in your love story, and the point that we make on the podcast is that it’s not just about this one day, there are 364 other days where you need to show your love for your spouse,” he added.

Ben and Kirsten are open about their Christian faith and its role in their marriage, parenting and careers.

Movieguide® previously reported:

Former NFL player and Super Bowl champion Benjamin Watson and his wife Kirsten recently discussed imputed righteousness on their show, WHY OR WHY NOT.

Watson uploaded a portion of their conversation on his Instagram with the caption: “We aren’t good enough to earn the mercy and grace God gives us. We only receive it through faith in His Son.”

Watson said that our inability to explain God’s actions should act as an encouragement in our daily walks.

“But it is just encouraging that, number one, you’re not good enough to earn either,” Watson told his wife. “You’re not good enough to earn any sort of mercy or grace, it is just because He has imparted it to us. It’s all because of his imputed righteousness.”

Watson explained that this was not only true of Christians today but of every Christian in history.

“Doesn’t matter if you were born in the Old Testament or the New Testament, you were saved by faith, and also you can’t earn any of it,” he said.

“Even in our context, present-day, stuff is not always gonna make sense to us. But we trust His faithfulness and we trust his character that He does what He sees is right. He doesn’t lie and he doesn’t owe you an explanation,” he added.