BLUE’S CLUES Reboot Boasts LGBTQ Pride in New ‘ABC’ Song

Screenshot from “Blues Clues & You” Youtube Channel

BLUE’S CLUES Reboot Boasts LGBTQ Pride in New ‘ABC’ Song

By MovieguideĀ® Staff

The reboot of the beloved children’s classic BLUE’S CLUES features a new song that celebrates the LGBT community.

In 2019, Nickelodeon announced the new program BLUE’S CLUES & YOU, and in 2021, the network added the new song, “ABC Song w/ Blue!”

Although the song has not premiered on television, it is on the show’s official YouTube channel and declares that “P is full of Pride.” The “P” has a rainbow design with a heart that represents the LGBT pride flag.

This is not the first example of how children’s shows are working to indoctrinate younger generations.

The Christian Post reports:Ā 

Last June, Nickelodeon published a tweet that seemed to imply that SpongeBob SquarePants was a member of the LGBT community. However, the network did not confirm whether that was the intention or not.Ā 

In 2020, Nick Jr. shared a post on social media encouraging parents to help kids understand the meaning of the LGBT flag and Pride month.Ā 

In 2016, the Nickelodeon show “Loud House” introduced a biracial, same-sex couple. The couple was said to be the network’s first-ever married same-sex couple.

Last year, Nickelodeon teamed up with a transgender actor to launch its “trans youth acting challenge” initiative. The initiative aims to encourage transgender and nonbinary kids with acting aspirations to “realize their dreams.”

In 2019, the Disney Channel series “Andi Mack” made history by depicting its first teenage gay couple. The declaration was made in an episode along with another scene in which the pair sang along to Lady Gaga’s LGBT anthem “Born This Way.”

While that was Disney’s first depiction of a teen same-sex relationship, the first same-sex adult couple in a Disney show for kids occurred in 2014 on “Good Luck Charlie.”

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MovieguideĀ® previously reported:Ā 

Cartoon Network, which has hosted shows geared towards a younger audience for almost 30 years, is now at the forefront of dismantling the biblical view of gender and telling kids they can choose from a long list of “gender identities.”

Cartoon Network announced a new series via Twitter with the caption: “Here’s to not only normalizing gender pronouns but respecting them, too. Whether you use he/she/them or something else, we acknowledge and LOVE you!”

Shows’ inclusion of inappropriate elements prove that parents must practice media discernment now more than ever, even for content marketed toward children.

MovieguideĀ® has a variety of resources for parents, including the bookĀ The Screen-Wise Family, written by MovieguideĀ® founder and publisher Dr. Ted Baehr.

To determine if a movie or show is appropriate for your family, ask the following questions:

  1. How is the family portrayed?
  2. How are religion, Christians and the church portrayed?
  3. Does one or more of the characters play the role of God?
  4. Did you see anything supernatural? Who was the source: God or Satan? Or were you not sure? (Ask God to show you.)
  5. Does good win over evil?
  6. Does the winning side use spiritual power not from God? (Remember, if supernatural power is not from God, it is demonic. Frequent exposure tends to bring unquestioning acceptance, so be careful.)
  7. Are magic, spells, fortune telling, spiritism (contacting the spirit world or functioning as a medium between the living and the dead, as in SCARY STORIES TO TELL IN THE DARK) presented as true? Might they build a dangerous fascination with paganism and a desire to experiment?

Now more than ever weā€™re bombarded by darkness in media, movies, and TV. MovieguideĀ® has fought back for almost 40 years, working within Hollywood to propel uplifting and positive content. Weā€™re proud to say weā€™ve collaborated with some of the top industry players to influence and redeem entertainment for Jesus. Still, the most influential person in Hollywood is you. The viewer.

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