BRIDGERTON Star Adjoa Andoh Celebrates Her Christian Faith

Photo from Adjoa Andoh’s Instagram

BRIDGERTON Star Adjoa Andoh Celebrates Her Christian Faith

By Movieguide® Contributor

BRIDGERTON star Adjoa Andoh recently spoke about the important role faith has played in her life and how church has always been her “go-to space.”

“Faith was big in my mother’s family,” Andoh explained, sharing that her parents even met through her mother’s vicar. 

The actress attended her village’s chapel and church, saying, “I was the kid that went three times on a Sunday, did the flower arranging and went to Bible class in the week.”

As she got older, Andoh stopped going to church as regularly, but “would always go to church on high days and holidays, wherever I was.”

“It’s a place of peace, and I think a late teenager / early 20s person needs peace,” she explained. “It would always be my go-to space; that never changed.”

Andoh started attending church regularly again when her eldest daughter started going to a church school.

“I was just coming home, really. I just needed the shove,” she said. “And that’s been my church ever since. I got married there. My daughter got married there. I became a reader in 2009.”

One of her sermons is even available on YouTube, where she reminded viewers that “we are family. God’s family. Our faith is in a God of redemption and justice and love.”

Andoh’s children are equally passionate about their faith. Her middle daughter, Daisy, is even studying for a Ph.D. in theology. 

“We have great conversations about thinking about the Bible in the context of when it was written,” the actress said of her family. “Who was it written for? Who it was written by? What was going on at the time?”

Andoh still thinks of church as a safe place to process thoughts and emotions. 

“For me, church is the place where we come in all our difference and in all our difficulties,” she explained. “It’s the place where you can be a hot mess; you don’t have to be fine. It’s you and God. As a community, we need to open those spaces, so people always feel welcome.”

Andoh continued, “Our job [as Christians] is to make the space so people can be in conversation, in relationship, in the peace, the solitude, the comfort — whatever they need — with God.”

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