Can AI Be Used for Good? 

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Can AI Be Used for Good? 

By Movieguide® Contributor

AI gets a bad rap and, in some cases, rightfully so. But what about the good it can accomplish? Barna conducted a study to see what Americans think about the positive and negative implications of AI.

“While one in three adults (32%) consider AI exciting, the same amount (33%) believe it’s scary, and two in five (41%) label AI as concerning,” the study said.

The Christian population doesn’t feel much different. “30 percent believe AI is exciting, while 34 percent see AI as scary,” Barna said. “Pastors, on the other hand, have a far more cautious view of AI — nearly three in five (72%) label AI as concerning, and just 9 percent of pastors see AI as encouraging.”

Although AI has been in the news for its impact on jobs and its ability to unrightfully impersonate people, there are positive things it can do as well.

“Nearly two in five U.S. adults (37%) feel AI could ‘empower individuals with disabilities in being able to perform tasks,’ a belief that’s also consistent across age groups,” Barna added.

For example, country singer Randy Travis was able to release a new song with the help of AI after a stroke damaged his ability to sing. Movieguide® reported:

In 2013, Travis suffered a stroke which has sadly impaired his ability to sing or speak. However, that hurdle has been alleviated thanks to AI in his new song “Where I Came From.”

“When I first heard it, I couldn’t hear much because I was crying so hard,” Travis’s wife Mary told Fox News Digital while on the red carpet for the Academy of Country Music…

Mary is thankful for what AI has done for her husband.

“It’s given Randy back the ability to make the music, to do the things that he loved to do more than anything in the world. And if people could just imagine if their greatest passion was taken from them, what would you hope for? So, our hope and our prayer for 11 years was ‘Please let us make music again,’ right?”

Another positive impact of AI use is in education. “By and large, the general public recognizes that AI can assist in the classroom,” Barna reported. “Over three in five U.S. adults agree (24% strongly, 41% somewhat) ‘the integration of AI in education can enhance learning experiences for students.’ Parents are also in agreement (33% strongly and 50% somewhat, among parents with at least one child under age 18).”

Sal Khan of Khan Academy believes AI will improve the education system.

“AI will enable life-long learning by putting education access in the hands of anyone who wants to learn any topic,” Forbes reported on Khan’s perspective. “Students and educators will both use AI assistants that can educate and inform them on any topic at the required level of depth, and explain in a way that is most easily understood for each individual learner.”

Although the pros and cons of AI are not black and white, it is encouraging to know that there is some good that can come from the technology in an ever-changing world.

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