Candace Cameron Bure Addresses Vaccine Mandates: ‘This Mama Is Holding the Line and Standing Up for Freedom’

Photo from Candace Cameron Bure’s Instagram

Candace Cameron Bure Addresses Vaccine Mandates: ‘This Mama Is Holding the Line and Standing Up for Freedom’

By Movieguide® Staff

FULL HOUSE alum Candace Cameron Bure recently shared her perspective on the COVID-19 vaccination over social media. 

The actress and mother posted photos explaining her position, clarifying that she is not anti-vaccination. 

“This. This is not about what I am against. This is what I am FOR. Read and understand the distinction,” she wrote beneath the post. “This mama is holding the line and standing up for freedom.” 

“This should not separate us. We can have different opinions and still respect and love one another. Be bigger than that!” Bure added in the caption. 

The series of photos clarified her position and noted that Bure is “pro-medical freedom,” “pro-informed consent,” “pro-immune system,” “pro-early intervention,” and “pro-sunlight, exercise, real food, & vitamins.”


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Bure is vocal about her political views and does not shy away from hotly contested topics like vaccination mandates. 

According to Page Six, Bure said she strongly disagreed with mandating the vaccine on one of her Instagram stories, which have since disappeared.

President Joe Biden recently signed a vaccination mandate for federal employees and contractors. Moreover, companies with over 100 employees are also required to get the vaccine. 

Some, like Bure, expressed their concern over vaccine mandates, claiming that they are a direct attack on their freedom. 

Despite Bure’s transparency on the politics, she has made clear that her goal is to spread the love and truth of the Bible with her followers. 

Movieguide® previously reported

Bure turned people toward hope with the saving power of the Gospel and the only true light amidst such darkness.

“I collected myself but I’m packing for a trip today I’m leaving and I’m leaving my family for a while and all my emotions just hit me today, and all I can think about is sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with all of you,” she said. “I so desperately want you to know Jesus if you don’t, because Jesus brings us good news. It’s salvation for every one of us.”

While Bure is outspoken about her faith, she addressed fans who may disagree with her and explained the call for all Christians to preach the good news to everyone.

“There might be some of you thinking, ‘your religion is for you and keep it to yourself.’ But, as a believer, as a Christian, as someone who believes in the Word of God, the Bible, if I didn’t share the good news with you—that Jesus paid the penalty for your sin, that you are redeemed you are justified before God when you meet him on the day you die, If I didn’t share that good news with you—I would be the biggest hypocrite of a Christian.”

She added: “God tells us to go share the good news with every one with all mankind, because the good news is for every person. God loves you, where you’re at, no matter what. For God so loved the world, He gave His one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting eternal life. For God’s sent His Son into the world not to judge the world but to save the world through Him.”


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