‘Celebrity Evangelist’ Dylan Novak Shares Gospel With HALLOWEEN Director John Carpenter

Photo from Celebrity Evangelist’s Instagram

‘Celebrity Evangelist’ Dylan Novak Shares Gospel With HALLOWEEN Director John Carpenter

By Movieguide® Staff

Evangelist Dylan Novak, who goes by Celebrity Evangelist on social media, recently talked with HALLOWEEN director John Carpenter about faith.

Novak does not shy away from preaching the Gospel, even to well-known celebrities like Carpenter.

In a recent Facebook post, Novak outlined his conversation with Carpenter.

‘In 1998, Mr. Carpenter told ‘BigO Magazine,’ ‘I’m an atheist, but I have a great fascination with this issue — over God and whether there is one or not. I come to (my belief) personally for my own reasons and my own decisions. But I respect anybody who believes anything, I don’t have the ultimate answers about anything.’

I briefly met Mr. Carpenter in 2018 where I gave him a Bible, Gasp! by Tony Nolan, and a letter.

Just a couple weeks ago, I had the privilege of getting to meet him again. I brought up the interview from above, which he said was where he still stood spiritually. I told him the reason we came to meet him was to bring facts and evidence about the issue of God so that he had historical and scientific evidence to research.

He thanked us for our care and was receptive of the 3 Lee Strobel books (The Case for a Creator, The Case for Christ, and The Case for Faith), as well as tracts and a letter.

Please be praying that Mr. Carpenter accepts the truth of Jesus before it is eternally too late.

Novak often travels to conventions with his family to minister to the celebrities attending.

Movieguide® previously reported on Novak’s ministry to Tom Cruise, a Scientologist:

Cruise’s status in the Church of Scientology reportedly makes sharing the Gospel with him difficult. According to ex-Scientologist Leah Remini, the church considers Cruise a “deity,” and in a recent interview with CBN Faithwire, Novak explained that the church allegedly sends bodyguards everywhere with Cruise to “protect his mind” from anti-Scientology content.

Novak, a youth pastor from Tennessee, recalls his experience meeting the MISSION IMPOSSIBLE star, revealing that the bodyguards inspected every gift the fans planned to give the actor before Cruise met them.

“That guy [the bodyguard] comes to me and I try to hug the gift bag to the poster [I had for him to sign] the best I could,” Novak said. “He did not notice it, and I know that’s by the grace of God.

“When Tom got up to me…he sees the gift and Tom’s like, ‘I really appreciate this, man. Thank you so much,'” Novak said. “And in there, I had two letters for him. I had handwritten him a letter and then I printed off a bunch of stuff just hardcore exposing [Scientology]. Normally, I don’t do that, because, at the end of the day, it’s the Gospel that breaks through to people — it’s the truth of God’s Word. If I start attacking your faith, then you’re gonna shut down to me before you even hear anything.”

However, Novak believed that he had to address Scientology in his gift to Cruise. In a later Instagram post discussing this interaction, the evangelist exposed some of the basic tenets of Scientology, including “the beliefs that human beings are immortal, that a person’s life experience transcends a single lifetime, and that human beings possess infinite capabilities.”

An hour after meeting Cruise, Novak saw the actor leave the premiere with the gift still in his hands, which the evangelist took as a subtle yet “encouraging” gesture.

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