Choose Jesus Christ; Reject Godless European Socialism!

Since the American economy crashed and burned last fall, more and more American citizens and their political leaders, including President Barack Obama, seem to have embraced policies that reject private property, hamper business, and support a form of Godless European Socialism that favors Big Government, Complicated Laws, and High Taxes.

As God tells the Jews in 1 Samuel 8:1-18, however, Big Government, Complicated Laws, and High Taxes are a sign of tyranny and lead to slavery. In fact, in Verse 18, God indicates that these things will actually lead to Israel’s very destruction.

Guess what?

God’s prediction was right. Israel was destroyed. And, that’s exactly what will happen to the United States of America if godless European Socialism enslaves we the people.

Choose Jesus Christ. Reject godless European Socialism! Don’t become a slave to the federal and state government!!!

– Dr. Tom Snyder, Editor of MOVIEGUIDE®.

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