Christian Actress Jana Kramer and Husband Get Candid About Combatting Infidelity

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Christian Actress Jana Kramer and Husband Get Candid About Combatting Infidelity

By Katherine Harrington, Contributing Writer

What therefore God has joined together, let not man separate.”- Mark 10:9 (ESV) 

Christian actress Jana Kramer is most recognizable for her role on the teen drama series ONE TREE HILL. In following years since starring on the series, Kramer took to country music and had a few hit songs before starting her own business called, “Moms with Babes.” In 2015, the actress/singer married her husband Mike Caussin, a former NFL tight end. Like most wives, Jana didn’t expect many of the twists and turns that would plague their marriage, including infidelity.

On “Behind the Scenes” podcast hosted by Christian couple Jeremy and Audrey Roloff (LITTLE PEOPLE BIG WORLD), Jana and Mike got candid about the peaks and valleys in their marriage. Mike was adulterous with other women without Jana’s knowledge during the early years of their marriage. After discovering the truth, Mike went to sex addiction rehab to pursue healing and personal growth.

Even though Mike was seeking help, his unfaithfulness left Jana with a challenging decision: should she chose to divorce Mike or seek reconciliation and forgiveness? Despite people’s criticism of Jana’s faithfulness to Mike, she was unwavering in her decision to wait and have faith that the Lord would provide clarity. She decided to stay.

Kramer said that the reason she stayed was Mike’s love letters to her which she consistently received every day for a year, during his 60-day period in rehab as well as the days in the following year. “She decided to give me a second chance because of the letters,” said Mike. The time spent apart “lessens the intensity” of the situation they said.

Mike drew attention to God’s help in the reconciliation process, “we had to count on the Man upstairs… We had moments where we had to let go and verbally pray out, ‘please help us with this.’” It also took time for their friends and family to realize their newfound depth. Jana however, was holding fast to her own convictions. “I wanted to look in my daughter’s eyes and say, ‘I gave it a shot.’ Because it’s so easy to leave [these days]…”


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“There is truly glory found in the road less traveled,” said podcast co-host Jeremy Roloff who applauded their journey to pursue oneness in marriage. Jana speaks candidly about how she, “wished for the normal marriage” and found herself “wanting a normal perfect relationship.” Now the actress feels her marriage is stronger than ever.

The two define their “strongest desire versus deepest desire” that lends itself to empathy. In the moment, going to a bar may feel like the strongest desire for Mike, but his deepest desire is to love Jana his wife. In between the periods between rehabilitation and the present, Mike grew out of his self-pity and moved towards empathy for Jana, stating, “instead of leaning into pain, lean into empathy, instead of how do I feel? [It’s] how does Jana feel?”

It’s no secret that marriage is challenging and it’s even less of a secret that marriages in Hollywood seem to fizzle out frequently. It’s encouraging to see a couple that is actively working to not take the easy route, and instead working through marital hurt to stay committed to the covenant they made before the Lord.

Will you take a moment to pray for the Kramer’s as they continue to heal and grow their marriage?