Christian Artist Jason Crabb: ‘We Have To Be Preaching the Gospel’

Photo from Jason Crabb’s Instagram

Christian Artist Jason Crabb: ‘We Have To Be Preaching the Gospel’

By Movieguide® Staff

Grammy Award-winning artist Jason Crabb’s newest EP, Just As I Am, includes five new tracks that speak to the singer’s passions for God’s Word and the hope that he shared during the pandemic.

“Esther is one of my very favorite books of the Bible. I believe we are living in that day right now. All of the believers, people that love Jesus people, it’s this moment, I feel like people’s belief system is kind of in that moment of where they’re questioning — faith over fear,” Crabb told The Christian Post. “They’re questioning, their faith is being tried, it’s being pushed, it’s being pulled out. There’s a lot of heartache that’s happened in this last little bit. So now more than ever, especially Christian artists, we have to be in overdrive. We have to be telling everyone, ‘Hey, look, God’s got you, He’s got this.'”

“There’s two things that we have to be doing: we have to be evangelizing and preaching the Gospel, the Good News of Jesus Christ, who He really is. Not what religion says He is, but grace and mercy and love and forgiveness and compassion. Jesus, who He really is. I think we have to go preach that to the world. Jesus is our strong tower, our source of strength, our comfort in the time of hurt, our peace in the troubled days. That’s who Jesus is,” Crabb said.

Despite a small budget, Crabb turned to ministry amidst the pandemic in 2020 and 2021. Crabb teamed with comedian Mickey Bell and traveled around to various churches to minister to their congregations.

“Honestly, it was one of the most refreshing things that I feel — for such a time as this,” Crabb said. “I felt like that was really a moment for me. I was asking, I was like, ‘Lord, what are we going to do? Every date that we have on the books is gone. I just bought a brand new bus … I know this is not like somebody dealing with the physical sides of this, but this is a big deal for our ministry. This is a big undertaking for my family as well, my household.”

“That’s one of the things that God has really called us to, it’s to each other,” Crabb added. “If you see a void somewhere, or you see an issue or problem, I don’t think God will bring it to your attention if He won’t help you get it accomplished. It’s not the God that we serve, especially if you do it in His name, and for His glory. He’s not going to let you fall on your face trying to do something for somebody else or for Him.”

​​”You can never go wrong with helping somebody else. I promise you never, you cannot help somebody more than what God will bless you. I’m just telling you,” he continued.

Despite 25 years in the Christian music business, Crabb said that his desire to share the good news of Jesus Christ is as strong as ever.

“More than ever, I’m excited about being a Christian artist, but more than ever, I’m excited about being a Christian and being a believer and being a part of the family of God, and I love to try to welcome people in,” he said. “That’s what we do with this music. One of the songs, ‘Heart Wide Open,’ That’s really what it says, ‘Hey, I’m coming with a broken heart. I’m coming with a mess. I’m coming with my scars. I’m coming with everything. And that’s what you want. I realized now that’s really what you want. You want me in my raw state, you want me in those moments — that’s when real healing starts.’ So I am excited more than ever before about being a child of God.”