Christian Author Karen Kingsbury Announces Pure Flix Series Based on Bestselling Book

Photo from Karen Kingsbury’s Instagram

Christian Author Karen Kingsbury Announces Pure Flix Series Based on Bestselling Book

By Movieguide® Staff

Christian Author Karen Kingsbury, known for books like “Forever Faithful” and “Two Weeks,” announced a new Pure Flix series based on her bestselling novel, “A Thousand Tomorrows.”

The series, produced by Kingsbury and Sony Pictures’ Affirm Originals, will tell the story of a bull rider named Cody Gunner and is set to Debut by Dec. 2022.

“I can finally share the news with you!! My novel ‘A Thousand Tomorrows’ is being developed into an @affirmfilms original TV series set to film in May and appear on @pureflix by the end of the year!! This is just incredible!” Kingsbury wrote in a post on Instagram.

“The most amazing part is how God uses these stories to touch your heart,” Kingsbury added. “He deserves the glory for all of this, and as TV shows release and more people join us, He will continue to get the glory. I write for Him and because of Him, and in His strength alone.”

Kingsbury, 59, published her first work of Christian fiction in 1997. Since then, her books have sold 25 million copies.

“I am thrilled to be working with Sony Pictures’ Affirm team, producers of the strongest, most beautiful and moving inspirational content in the market,” Kingsbury said in a statement about her partnership with Sony Affirm. “The world is desperate for hope, and ‘A Thousand Tomorrows’ will bring hope and light to all people, everywhere.”

“This is a partnership I hope will continue for many, many years,” she continued.

This is not the first adaptation of Kingsbury’s work. In 2016, Hallmark released a movie called A TIME TO DANCE, based on one of Kingsbury’s novels.

A portion of Movieguide®’s review of the movie reads:

A TIME TO DANCE is a TV movie about a man who marries his high school sweetheart, but 20 years later they aren’t happy. John and Abby try to tell their children they’re getting a divorce, but their daughter returns home and announces her engagement to Matt. As Matt and Nicole prepare for their wedding, John and Abby are reminded of the things that made them fall in love in the first place. In fact, Matt and Abby take John and Abby to meet their pastor about the upcoming wedding plans and some marriage counseling for the new couple. This helps remind John and Abby of their commitment to one another. However, when Abby sees John’s coworker at the engagement party, she’s enraged, thinking John could be having an affair.

A TIME TO DANCE is an entertaining Hallmark Channel movie based on a Karen Kingsbury novel. Some of the acting could have been better, but overall it is good. Best of all, A TIME TO DANCE has a strong Christian, moral message about staying committed to a marriage, even in hard times.

Kingsbury also attended the Annual Movieguide® Awards Gala, where she expressed her desire for uplifting, moral content on the screen.

“I’ve always believed in the good in Hollywood, and you can go back. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a Christian film to have an incredibly Christian worldview,” she said. “That we’re celebrating that, to me, that Ted is doing this MOVIEGUIDE® Awards, is an incredible blessing to the whole world because they will stop and take notice that this is happening and that you can make a movie or a TV show that will have good in it, redemptive quality, people are going to watch it, and it’s going to do well.”

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