Christian Media Critic Ted Baehr Encourages Prayer for Hollywood

Christian Media Critic Ted Baehr Encourages Prayer for Hollywood

Movieguide® Publisher Dr. Ted Baehr spoke Monday night, Sept. 29, at the National Day of Prayer Task Force strategic prayer meeting in Rolling Hills, Calif. to discuss and pray over the seven pillars of influence in society, including the mass media.

Dr. Baehr gave three prayer points that people can lift up in prayer.

  1. Pray for the most powerful voice in Hollywood, the 12-24 year olds that go to the movies. Pray that they might have biblical discernment in the media they choose to consume.
  2. Pray for those in Hollywood who need the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Pray that Christians can be a testimony to those that need His saving grace and love.
  3. Pray for Christian filmmakers, that they may produce movies and programs with excellence and skill. Pray also that they may be the leaders of their craft, reflecting the beauty and magnificence of Jesus Christ in their work and all that they do.

“Please pray for Movieguide® as we work to make Hollywood the epicenter for moral entertainment that God calls it to be,” Dr. Baehr said.

The event was hosted by Mrs. Roberta Hromas, Founder/President of American Christian Trust and featured Christian leaders, such as: Rosalinda Baron, National Day of Prayer Task Force, Director of Development, Lisa Crump, Director of Prayer Mobilization, National Day of Prayer Task Force, Mr. Fred Barth, CEO, Prime Equity Management, Dr. Leo Lawson, Campus Pastor, University of Southern California, Mr. John Robb, Chairman, International Prayer Council, Mr. Gordon Walker, CEO, EZ Stairs, Inc.

Author of “The Culture-Wise Family” and “How To Succeed in Hollywood (Without Losing Your Soul),” Dr. Baehr is chairman of the Christian Film & Television Commission® (CFTVC) and its family guide to movies and entertainment, Movieguide® (www.movieguide.org). CFTVC and Movieguide® are an international, non-profit ministry dedicated to “redeeming the values of the entertainment industry by influencing industry executives and by informing and equipping the public about the influence of the entertainment media.”

At the 23rd Annual Faith & Values Awards Gala on Feb. 6, 2015 in Los Angeles, attended by key players in the entertainment industry, Dr. Baehr will present highlights from Movieguide®’s 2015 Report to the Entertainment Industry.

The Annual Report is a comprehensive financial analysis of the movie business showing what kinds of movies and what kinds of movie content moviegoers favor the most with their hard-earned money. Presenting highlights from the report also enables Movieguide® to present the concerns of the world’s 2.378 billion Christians to decision makers in the entertainment industry.

For more information about Movieguide® or CFTVC, please call 1-888-248-6689.