Christian Meteorologist Dylan Dreyer Welcomes Third Child After Urgent Prayer Request

Photo from Dylan Dreyer’s Instagram

Christian Meteorologist Dylan Dreyer Welcomes Third Child After Urgent Prayer Request

By Movieguide® Staff

TODAY show co-anchor Dylan Dreyer and her husband Brian Fichera recently welcomed their third child, Russell James.

The couple shared the exciting news on Sept. 29.

“Mom and babe doing just fine,” Hoda Kotb shared. “He did come early. He could not stay.”

“He was not waiting,” Savannah Guthrie quipped. “He’s like, ‘I’m excited to join the party.’ We’re sending our love and can’t wait to meet that babe. It’s just the best! So much good stuff.”

The 40-year-old meteorologist shared on her Instagram that she was hospitalized after going into labor early.

“My water broke Sunday evening and I’ve been hanging at the hospital. Our little guy is anxious to get out and meet us!” Dreyer captioned a selfie from her hospital bed on Instagram. “Doctors are closely monitoring both of us and trying to keep him on the inside for a little while longer to get stronger. All is well!”

She added: “Looks like we’ll be getting to meet our littlest boy sometime this week…6 weeks early! Guess he couldn’t handle being left out of all the fun his brothers have been having! We’ll gladly take any extra prayers you have 🙏🙏❤️❤️.”

Dreyer and Fichera also share 4-year-old son Calvin and 1-year-old son Oliver, who are now big brothers to baby Russell.

Dreyer previously opened up about a miscarriage following the birth of her firstborn.  Despite the tragedy, Dreyer was candid about her faith in God.

Dreyer opened up in an article posted to TODAY Parents:

I need to preface this with a disclaimer so as not to offend anyone. I’m so very grateful for the beautiful family I have. God has blessed me with an amazing little boy, and I know there are women who struggle to have one baby, and here I am wanting more. I do not take for granted what God has given me. That being said, we want to give Calvin a sibling. The way Cal loves on other babies and asks to hold them and gently touches their arms shows me that he would be an amazing older brother. Brian and I are the youngest of three, and the relationships we have with our siblings is so special. We have so much love to give, and we want to grow our family. We thought it would be easy to do that, and it’s not. And, with my low egg count, time is running out, and, as the doctor says, once I’m out, I’m out, and then it’s up to us to decide what steps to take.

I don’t know how I really feel right this second. I guess I’m excited to start the IVF process, albeit a little disappointed that my body couldn’t do this naturally. I’m scared about what’s ahead… the timing, the shots, the medications, whether or not it’ll even work. I feel like, on one hand, I’m going against what God has in the cards for me, but at the same time he helped me to make this decision so it could very well be part of the plan.


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