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Christian TikTok Goes Viral: ‘The Lord Stepped in my Life and Set Me Free’

Photo from Christina Baker’s Instagram

Christian TikTok Goes Viral: ‘The Lord Stepped in my Life and Set Me Free’

By Movieguide® Contributor

TikTok star Christina Baker got her start on today’s most popular video-sharing app, like a lot of people, during the pandemic and worldwide lockdowns. 

“I decided to post these quick, 60-second prayers for people to offer them hope, the same hope that was given to me during the darkest moments of my life,” Baker told Fox News. “I just wanted the message to get to one person. But to my surprise, each video started going viral. It still hasn’t stopped.”

She continued: “I was not a social media person. I certainly didn’t see myself as an influencer. But people were having trouble getting out of bed in the morning. People were losing their businesses and their loved ones. We were facing a great crisis. But God doesn’t need a lifetime to make a difference. There was a lot of discouragement out there. And I wanted to offer hope.”

Baker, who currently has 1 million followers on TikTok, is now spreading that message of hope with a new book called “Hope in 60 Seconds: Encountering the God of the Impossible.”

The TikToker had a rough childhood, from her parents’ divorce, to self-harm, to becoming homeless at 15. However, her brother’s basketball coach stepped in to help the struggling teen; Baker lived with his family for three years until her high school graduation. 

“They would take me to church week after week,” Baker said of her foster family. “I had no idea God was starting to plant these little seeds in my heart. Their intention wasn’t to make me become a Christian. Their intention was to make sure that I experienced love. I wasn’t a believer. They did the best that they could. My mother was doing the best that she could.”

Baker’s struggles continued as she battled a cocaine addiction and was diagnosed with a brain tumor. 

“As you can imagine, I was upset,” said Baker. “I had already given my life to Jesus. I got off the drugs and all of that. But here I was getting ready for surgery. I couldn’t stop crying. All I kept thinking was, ‘God, why me?’ I think we all reach that point in our lives where we wonder why certain things are happening to us… But we’ve got to find a sense of purpose even when we’re going through those tough times. I just remember saying, ‘God, I know you’re going to make this work for my good at some point, even if I don’t understand it, even if I don’t see it. It will work out for the good.’ Even during those moments of distress, I put my trust in God.”

Baker survived and is now happily married and mother to a teenage son. 

“This has been a blessing,” she said of her TikTok fame. “The Lord stepped in my life and set me free. Now, I just want to share that with people. I found my way.”