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Coming Soon to Your Child’s TV – Muslim “Superheroes”!!!

The Hub (formerly Discovery Kids), a new channel for children launched by Hasbro toys and Discovery Communications, Inc. (the Discovery Channel, TLC and Animal Planet, among others), is picking up a cartoon show from the Middle East featuring Muslim “superheroes.”

The show is called THE 99 and chronicles the adventures of 99 superheroes, each of whom embodies an attribute of the Muslim god “Allah.”

In the show,

hair-hiding headscarves are mandatory for five female characters, not including a “burqa babe” called Batina the Hidden.

Curiously (or not so curiously considering his track record), President Obama, who was raised as a Muslim by his stepfather in Indonesia but supposedly converted to Christianity, praised this work created by Kuwaiti psychologist Naif al-Mustawa, saying at an April meeting with Arab entrepreneurs, “His superheroes embody the teachings of the tolerance of Islam.”

In the wake of this proposed airing of a Pro-Muslim program for children, Contributing Editor Adrian Morgan of Family Security Matters, a conservative think tank, wonders, “Are we going to see a**-kicking Christian superhero nuns called Faith, Hope and Charity whopping sinners’ butts and sending Satan into Hell? It’s doubtful!”

The Hub’s debut of THE 99 has been pushed back to at least January 2011, a Hub source reports.

Last year, however, DC Comics reported that it would release a six-part series combining “The 99” comic books with its Justice League comic book superheroes featuring Superman and Batman!

With all due respect to President Obama and contrary to his opinion, the Muslim faith is known for its lies about Christians and Jews, lies about the Bible, lies about Jesus and His apostles, violence, warrior mentality, abuse of women, slavery, persecution of Non-Muslims, and terrorism against peaceful civilians, from the alleged founder of the faith, Mohammed, down to the present day.

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– Source: Andrea Peyser, New York Post, 10/11/10.