Communist Whine

Associated Press reports that members of Russia’s Communist party are really upset with INDIANA JONES AND THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL, claiming that it’s portrayal of Communists during the Cold War “undermines Communist ideology” and that the movie “distorts history.”
Let’s take these charges one at a time. As far as undermining Communist ideology, aren’t we talking about the failed Soviet system? It seems like the history of Russia in the 20th Century undermines Communist ideology as a viable economic and governmental system much more than any Harrison Ford movie could ever do.
As to distorting history, we’ll agree that the KGB probably didn’t try to find a crystal skull before a fedora wearing archaeologist could find it, but as far as Soviet spies in the U.S. and plans to undermine America, history is pretty clear on that.
At least press releases are the only thing the Communists are firing off these days.