Country Crooner Brad Paisley Reveals the Sweet Inspiration Behind “My Miracle”

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Country Crooner Brad Paisley Reveals the Sweet Inspiration Behind “My Miracle”

By Jessilyn Lancaster, Managing Editor

“I wasn’t always spiritual/ Oh but one thing’s for sure/How could I not have faith in the God that created her?/ Yeah how could anybody not have faith/In the God that created her.”

So go the lyrics of GRAMMY-winner Brad Paisley’s latest song, “My Miracle.”

“I can be a little ornery when it comes to writing love songs. I don’t typically put it all out there, but in this one I did,” he said. “This is the most powerful statement I think I can make. The one I wrote it for, she is my worst critic typically, but in this case I think I got it right.”

The heart behind the song is wife Kimberly Williams-Paisley, and the strong faith-based lyrics of the ballad point to Paisley’s church roots.

“I don’t know what it was about Brad, but I felt he had a purpose,” his mom, Sandy Paisley, said. “There was a reason he was given this talent.”

Paisley regularly played at church events and in nursing homes to inspire residents.

“Every night when I put Brad to bed, I would say, ‘Let’s pray, please make this world a better place in any way you can,'” his mom recalled.

Paisley now uses his prominence to make a difference. He and Paisley-Williams plan to open a free grocery store in 2020 in partnership with Christian college Belmont University.

Paisley-Williams, whom you may recognize from FATHER OF THE BRIDE or THE CHRISTMAS CHRONICLES, also has a heart to serve.

Coming up, Paisley-Williams is set to appear on THE CHRISTMAS CHRONICLES 2 and DOLLY PARTON’S HEARTSTRINGS.

The couple is parents to Huck and Jasper, and place a high value on family.

According to PARADE:

And to this day, the actress lives a lesson her mother taught her by being present with her family every moment she can. They have drawing contests; she and son Jasper will challenge Brad Paisley and Huck to a five-minute contest, “like, it has to incorporate an elephant and a tree, and take place in another country, or something like that.” They read books out loud, having just finished Lois Lowry’s The Giver. And, they play ball in the dodgeball court they built from an old garage. “Anyone who comes to visit, it’s like a rite of passage—you have to go hit the dodgeball court!”

And, when the next opportunity lands on their doorstep to do something else fun, chances are the Paisley family will take it—just as her energetic, cheerleading mom would have her clan do. “We say yes to as much as we can,” she says.

Paisley appeared on AMERICA’S GOT TALENT on July 16.

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