Country Singer Sara Evans Recalls God’s Faithfulness After Near-Fatal Accident

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Country Singer Sara Evans Recalls God’s Faithfulness After Near-Fatal Accident

By Cooper Dowd, Staff Writer

Popular country singer Sara Evans said that she knew that God placed a special calling on her life from a very young age. 

Evans recalled the summer of 1979. At eight years old, she was hit by oncoming traffic while trying to cross a busy street and ended up in the hospital for six weeks. Evans suffered a concussion and nearly lost her leg due to the accident. After several risky medical procedures and many hours of physical therapy, Evans said she came out as a more resilient person and closer to God. 

“I have always have had a lot of resilience, I think starting from when I got hit by a car when I was 8 years old,” Evans told The Christian Post. “After that, it was like there was a secret understanding between me and God that He had a special purpose for my life. There was a calling on my life, and I just knew that to be true at an early age.

“God saved me for a reason then, and He saved me time and time again,” Evans continued. “I’ve just always felt a special connection with God, not just as my true Father, but also as my best friend, my protector, my comfort. A lot of that came through trauma in my life.”

Evans said that her testimony of faith and God’s faithfulness to her is one way she can provide hope to people struggling to find peace in this time.  

“I don’t love organized religion, but I love the Lord and I’ve accepted Jesus Christ. I’m saved by grace,” the Nashville-based musician said. “I love sharing Bible verses on my social media pages to offer hope and encouragement. I think people are feeling hopeless and lost right now, and there have been moments in my own life where I’ve said, ‘Lord, You seem very distant. Where are You? I need You.’ And He always shows up. He’s never let me down.”

“God’s faithfulness has been a theme throughout my life,” Evans added. 

This year, Evans celebrated the 20th anniversary of her double-platinum album Born to Fly and wrote a memoir under the same title. The book highlights God’s faithfulness despite the challenges in Evans’ journey from life on a farm in Missouri to becoming one of the most successful female artists of her generation, with over 7 million albums sold.  

“My mom had so much entrepreneurial drive inside of her; she pushed me and my brothers to have a band and we were working musicians from the time I was 4 years old,” Evans recalled. “And that’s what ultimately drove me to make the move to Nashville at 19.”

“Me getting out of New Franklin, Missouri, a town of 1,200 people, and moving all the way to Nashville and making it all the way to the very top of my industry—the likelihood of that happening was so low, but then I did it,” Evans said. “My life is evidence that you can go through near-death experiences, you can go through a divorce, you can go through all kinds of things, and still come back. But it takes discipline, faith, and grit to do it.”

Evans is accustomed to being center stage. Despite the success of many chart-topping hits in the 2000s, including “Suds in the Bucket” and “No Place Too Far,” Evans said what is most important to her is what God thinks about her life. 

“It’s a really tough world right now to be a Christian,” Evans said. “You have to have a lot of discipline. But at the same time, I don’t care what man thinks of me. I’m always just concerned about what God thinks of me. Is He pleased with me? Is my life honoring Him?”

Although Evans’ faith is strong, she also is candid about the daily battle to trust in the Lord.  

“I can be really depressed for a day, but I always, always, always fight back and rest in the fact that God is always present,” Evans said. “All you have to do is be patient and wait for Him to reveal what He’s teaching you.”

One of the practical ways that Evans says she finds peace in God is through a life of prayer.   

“Pray. Always pray about everything,” Evans said. “If you’re feeling stressed or anxious or overwhelmed or depressed, one of the best ways to combat that is to think about somebody else and pray for somebody else. Stop thinking about yourself so much.”

Evans is a mother of seven and works to raise her children with the same values of faith that she clung to throughout her childhood and stardom.  

“I try to instill faith in my children; I encourage them to stay away from things that are dark and would disappoint God,” Evan said. “We talk a lot about grace, forgiveness and mercy.”

In uncertain times, Evans holds to Romans 8:28 and the evidence of God’s grace in her life.  

“Be patient, and wait on the Lord,” Evans said. “God is always providing and protecting. That has been the story throughout my life.”


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