‘So Many People In Need’: Danny Gokey Announces Tour Giveback Events

Photo by Extraordinary Women Ministries via Danny Gokey’s Instagram

‘So Many People In Need’: Danny Gokey Announces Tour Giveback Events

By Movieguide® Contributor

Grammy-nominated artist Danny Gokey’s nonprofit Better Than I Found It is lending a hand to those in need as part of his upcoming “Stay Strong” tour. 

“Doing the bus stops last spring was such an eye-opening experience,” Gokey said, referring to the giveback events he integrated into his tours. “There are so many people in need. So, we had to keep it going for the Fall tour. This time, we’re doing fewer stops with the intent of making a longer-lasting impact on the nonprofits we’re helping. I can’t wait for you to hear the inspiring stories of these founders.” 

The “Bus Stops” shine a light on individuals and organizations that are helping those in their community and provide resources for people who are struggling. 

The “Bus Stops” will occur in four cities: Nashville, Tenn., Macon, Ga., Fort Wayne, Ind., and Woodbridge, Va.

The former AMERICAN IDOL contestant is also giving back by selling “Giveback Backpacks” at show dates. The backpacks are sold in sets of two — one to keep and one to fill with items that will be given to someone in need. All proceeds from the sale of the bags will go towards funding future Better Than I Found It events. 

“During my exit interview on AMERICAN IDOL when the host asked what was next for me, my response was, ‘I see my music as a movement,’” Gokey said of his nonprofit. “I didn’t fully know what that would look like at the time, or where the journey would take me. I just knew that God wanted it to be about more than just music.”

He continued, “These stops are a way of giving back to the local communities where we are doing shows by raising awareness about needs, doing our part to help meet those needs while we’re in town, and activating concert attendees to get out in their area and ‘be’ Jesus People to those around them long after we’re gone!”

Gokey shared more about what fans can expect from the “Stay Strong” tour.

“If you’ve seen me in the past, come expecting something new,” he said. “In addition to all of the fan favorites you know, there may be a sneak peek of some new music I’ve been working on, too. And, if you know me, there will be plenty of fun moments thrown in too!”

Movieguide® previously reported on Gokey’s faith:

Danny Gokey recently sat down with Kirk Cameron to talk about hope and how he was able to continue on after the tragic death of his wife. 

“When you walk through difficult times and hope is like a lifesaver to you, it tends to naturally bubble up out of you,” Gokey said. “What’s in us comes out of us.” 

“I’ve seen God move in my life, I’ve seen God help me pull through significant losses and through different seasons of anxiety and depression and everything that brought me out was always hope. When people lose hope, they lose their reason to live,” he continued. 

The most helpful part of Gokey’s roots in faith is the understanding of God’s character. Knowing that God is loving allows him to stick to the bible’s teachings even when it is hard and he doesn’t understand why God wants things a particular way. 

“When you don’t understand God, still stay on God’s side and try to stick with him to the end,” Gokey said. 

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