David Benham, Trail Life USA Host Backyard Movie Night for 10,000 Families

Photo via David Benham on Instagram

David Benham, Trail Life USA Host Backyard Movie Night for 10,000 Families

By Tess Farrand, Associate Content Editor

Christian pro-life activist David Benham hosted Trail Life USA’s outdoor screening event of THE PILGRIM’S PROGRESS on Saturday May 16, 2020.

“Thank you to the more than 10,000 families who logged in last night to experience #ThePilgrimsProgress as part of the #TrailLifeUSA Backyard Movie Night and Campout. We hope you were inspired to fight the good fight, to finish the race, and to keep the faith. Walk Worthy!” said Trail Life USA on Twitter.

Readers might recognize Benham as a former HGTV host. Benham along with his twin brother Jason Benham had their show cancelled for refusing to remodel homes for the LGBTQ community due to their Christian beliefs. Benham is also a loving father.


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Fun round of golf w/ all my boys. Gotta get them when I can 💪@baileybenham @ty_benham17

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Married duo Keith and Kristyn Getty performed their hymn “In Christ Alone” for the event. 

Prior to the event, Mark Hancock, CEO of Trail Life USA, told the Christian Post, “This is the perfect occasion to watch a great movie with a message and make memories together with your family.”

Hancock certainly has a point as theaters across the country remain closed. Trail Life USA’s efforts show that a little creativity goes a long way for entertainment.

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Movieguide® recognized THE PILGRIM’S PROGRESS as one of the Best Movies for Families in 2019.

According to Movieguide® review:

THE PILGRIM’S PROGRESS is an animated version of the beloved best-selling classic story by John Bunyan. Christian Pilgrim finds a book that is a map to the Celestial City where Jesus reigns. So, he sets out from the depressing city where he lives, that’s governed by a demonic Supervisor. Outside the borders, Christian meets Evangelist, who tells him to head toward the light of the gate. However, along the way, Christian is beset by demonic powers and principalities such as the Swamp of Despondency filled Fear, Doubt and Discouragement, giants, and characters like Worldly Wisdom and Giant Despair.

THE PILGRIM’S PROGRESS is a great book, but previous attempts to turn it into a movie have been deficient. This rendition works because it does a wonderful job of creating jeopardy, characters, conflict, and the premise, which drives the story forward. The viewer wants to see the end from the moment the movie starts. THE PILGRIM’S PROGRESS is the best, most entertaining, most imaginative movie translation of the classic book. The only caution is that the demons are frightening and attack in surprising ways. MOVIEGUIDE® highly recommends PILGRIM’S PROGRESS.

Watch the trailer for the family flick below.

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